Sep 16, 2013

Allentown Arena Anticipation vs. Reality

In Ed Pawlowski's stump speech for Governor, he talks about the transformation of Allentown, and the four thousand new jobs he created in the city. Talk about miscounting chickens before they're hatched!!! Try as I may, adding up the announced new companies, I cannot even exaggerate it to 1000 jobs, but I'm not running for Governor. Anticipation alone hasn't earned downtown business owners one extra dollar. Although Pawlowski and Associates keep harping about the restaurant revival, several expensive ventures have already failed. I can tell you that the street life and people surrounding the Arena District are harder than ever. I believe that Pawlowski is running now, because he knows that the anticipation is better than the reality.


Anonymous said...

I agree. He's running now because he can spin "success" on the anticipation of success. If he waits another 4 years to run, reality will trump his spin.

The Banker

Rich Fegley said...

4,000 new jobs may "hatch" in the next 5-years but not within the first year. I feel we would be lucky to see 1,500 in the first year or two.

I think it's sad that Pawlowski feels like he can personally take credit for these jobs.

Senator Pat Browne created the NIZ and Senator Pat Browne brought the NIZ to downtown Allentown. Good or bad, Browne is responsible for the NIZ.

JB Reilly is bringing the money and development to Allentown. JB Reilly is signing leases with tenants to come to Allentown.

If Pawlowski wants to take credit for all of the NIZ benefits to the City, shouldn't he take credit for allowing the City to have to lease our water system for 50-years?

Pawlowski has not raised taxes in 8-years? I never understand how this is considered a GOOD thing. Not raising taxes for long periods of time is like holding your breath. You gotta breathe at some point.

After Pawlowski leaves to work in State Politics, the City of Allentown will have to take a GASPING BREATH IN. Taxes WILL increase in the future because the 50-year water lease was not a "solution", just a "quick-fix".

Let's admit it, Pawlowski is leaving Allentown. It seems his future lies in STATE level Politics not LOCAL politics here in Allentown.

Why don't we just let Pawlowski go?

Julio Guridy would make a fine replacement for Ed Pawlowski.

Anonymous said...

Even 1000 jobs is far more than was on that block.

Anonymous said...

The suspense is killing me and also the gridlock? This is the main attraction in the Hole of the city, traffic jams every block around the arena? This is just to make every passing motorist gawkat the sprouting buildings?

Anonymous said...

Julio Guridy?

Sure, whatever!

As long as I get my share of the free money, er, ah, generous grants.