Jul 10, 2013

Allentown's Planning Puppies

The Morning Call article says that City Planning Commission had some concerns that the waterfront portion of the NIZ might have a negative impact on traffic, but the plans were passed, and the project will proceed on to the next hurdle. That hurdle is if City Council will agree to sell the developers (Mark Jaindl) a piece of land needed as an entrance road. What suspense! What hurdles! What should concern the planning puppies is the old LVRR line still in place, after all these years. This is a true historic treasure of Allentown, and should be retained, perhaps for a future tour train. Shown above was the private engine of Structural Steel, which is the primary location of the proposed new development. At one time the former industrial giant called Allentown, had several fabricators that required their own engines to push material around their plants.

photo from the Mark Rabenold Collection


monkey momma said...

I'm on the edge of my seat!

I am, however, very enthusiastic about any waterfront development plans. As a native Californian, I cannot understand why the waterfront has been neglected for so long.

Guy Williams said...

A while back Dunn twiggar of Bethlehem came up with a very ambitious development project to revitalize the waterfront area of Allentown.If I remember correctly to the tune of 180 million and a 15 year plan.Most in town viewed it as a pipe dream.Now however Mark Jaindle has been added to the mix.Intersesting, since as you know he is the largest landowner in LC and the most successful developer west of town.If he should take the helm of the riverfront development it wouldn't surprise me to hear of major change east of front street from Hamilton to tilghman. Interesting,Very Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Plan all they want til there is the first living wage paid from all these prospectable buildings there hasn't been a single secsess story of a average faimialia benafitting!

I am like monkey momma on the edge of my seat as many are