Jul 5, 2013

The Last Customer In Allentown

The 700 block of Hamilton Street was the core of Allentown shopping for over 150 years. Even during the heyday of Hess's, it was located between Allentown's department stores. In the last twenty years of center city shopping, it became the primary block. Even in it's last few years, when the demographic changes resulted in a much poorer clientele, an enormous amount of merchandise was still being sold. The Family Dollar store was one of that's chain's most successful locations. As the politicians and newspaper promote the Transformation, foot traffic and resulting walk in business virtually no longer exists. When the new offices and their workers are up and running, what will really happen business wise? Although there will be more mouths to feed during the lunch hour, that will be the extent of the Transformation's spinoff. The former stores and commerce of Hamilton Street will now be occupied by an enormous white elephant, dormant most of the time. Any upscale ventures will learn that the new office workers have no time or interest, beyond feeding their face, during lunch hour. The hotel will transition to apartments, as the folly of that idea becomes quickly apparent. The remainder of Allentown will continue to be ignored, as more and more resources are directed toward the Transformation, to disguise it's failure. A handful of developers will profit enormously, because of the unprecedented use of state tax funds by the NIZ. The remaining taxpayers of Allentown will supplement the folly with increasing property taxes, and punishing water and sewage rates. They will discover the true cost of their local political apathy.


Anonymous said...

MM, the truth in your weekend reporting of allentowns future becomes more evident as I troll the local edited out reporting of the media outlets¿ There was an un reported shooting on the block were I live for independence day. I am sure this story will never make the news as blight takes over with the help of allentowns officials. This all to cover facts that some in official positions claim ignorance of the overwellming crime problem¿

Anonymous said...

It's a joke,the whole sorry deal.

Anonymous said...

The last of the people ultimately leaving Allentown in search of freedom and liberty from less crime and less taxes (to speak nothing of 'inner-city education') in the suburbs should kindly leave a note for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms to remind them to turn of the lights at the $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport when they finally leave, too.

East German Expatriates Excited About The Propects Of Pawlowski For Governor

Anonymous said...

MM, I stay positive about A-town as I fight for its success everyday, but on Wednesday night, during supper time, I saw a couple looking through the darkened glass door of SANGRIA and wondering why they were closed. I then walked home that evenig and noticed COSMOPOLITAN is closed for the next week, also. Aren't these supposed to be the 2 PREMIER restaurants in the city?

Alfonso Todd