Jul 1, 2013

School Board Masochism

Allentown School District will receive an extra $9.6 million dollars, allowing some positions to be restored, the pending tax rate to be somewhat reduced, and perhaps some additional funds to be held in reserve. The extra windfall is an annual reoccurrence. The question is why would the School Board, year after year, submit itself to the unnecessary rancor and vitriol before receiving the final state contribution? Worse yet, why should teachers have to ride that seesaw of being laid-off, and then rehired? Mike Schlossberg patted himself on the back for helping to get the local extra funds, but then voted against the budget, I assume as a good partisan. As we poison our water in Pennsylvania to benefit the natural gas industry, there's not much done in Harrisburg that impresses me.

UPDATE: Press release from ASD:
 “This is an unprecedented show of commitment to our District from the state,” says Dr. Russell Mayo, Superintendent of the Allentown School District. “We are incredibly grateful to the state and two legislators, in particular – Senator Pat Browne (R) and Representative Mike Schlossberg (D) who have led the charge to support our District and enable us to continue to provide a balanced education to the more than 17,000 students we serve in Allentown.”

Dr. Mayo, fear not, Browne and Schlossberg will give themselves more than enough credit. It's a shame for the teachers who once again have been submitted to this yoyo budget procedure. What can be done about that?


Anonymous said...


Keep in mind this is another one time cash infusion not a long term remedy to the ASD's fiscal plight. Our expenses continue to rise in the face of federal cuts and stagnate local revenues.
Instead of thanking the state for another bailout, the teacher's union will surely attempt to displace blame onto the governor.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:19, as i have written in previous blog posts, every year the system gets more money from the final state budget, than the previous projected amount. while i agree that the local system cannot count on this, i wonder what steps could be taken to reduce or eliminate the annual anguish to staff and curriculum.

Anonymous said...

Correct @7:19
It's the blame game. These haters once blamed our fine President George W. Bush for all problems at the federal level. So they now blame our excellent Govenor for all problems at the state level. These fools don't recognize leadership when it's staring them in the face.

ironpigpen said...

Slobs and suckers.

That's what I see. The phony politicians who create these "dire disasters" in the first place and then shamelessly portray themselves as great heroes who have 'saved the day' are the slobs.

We, The People, are, of course, the suckers.


Guy Williams said...

We need pension and benefit reform for all state employees including the state pols.If its gonna happen its gonna happen most likely under a Republican administration.If theres a better solution then lets hear it.

ironpigpen said...


Guys like NIZ Brainchild PAT BROWNE (R) willingly giving up all their "hard-earned" benefits?

(we shall leave "perks" and abilities to get spouses cushy consulting jobs for some other time)

My calendar tells me it is the first day of July, not April ... and I have two eyes, which means I can see clearly that the only thing establishment Republicans are interested in doing is becoming carbon-copy Democrats handing out free stuff (so they can be "liked", of course).

It is possible to fool some of the people some of the time --- it is NOT possible to continue to fool all of The People all of the time (particulary after all free money train comes to a screeching halt).


Primginger said...

If the taxation in Allentown was different, based solely on individuals and not property, this district wouldn't be suffering as it is. You walk through Center City and find most homes are now 2-3 apartments, those homes are taxed based on a single home, one property. Turn that tax around and make each individual be taxed and your income increases.....Renters get off cheap in Allentown, the taxation has to change