Jul 8, 2013

Allentown's Last Movie Theaters

Architecturally, the 19th Street Theater has no rival. The tile elephant trunks coming down the edges of the facade have delighted viewers since 1928. Up to last year, there was one other Venetian type building in Allentown, in the 700 block of Hamilton, but it was  knocked down to accommodate the arena monstrosity. The 19th Street theater has survived because of it's current affiliation with the Civic Theatre, a non-profit cultural group. Shown above is the Franklin, in the 400 block of Tilghman Street, which survived until 2008. That theater,  built a century ago in 1913,  was also called the Jennette for about forty years.


Anonymous said...

What the address of the property on Hamilton st. And what occupied it before it was torn down?

michael molovinsky said...

i will make the answer to your question tomorrow's post.

Guy Williams said...

grRwaySA lot of these once popular buildings in Allentown like the jennette,Allen theaters plus more than a few factories have become a victim of circumstances.Case in point,the beautiful church at 15th and turner.The church languishes because of lack of parking.Certainly don't support tearing down but remember when an investor was hoping to buy pizza building across street but would only get 12 parking spaces.Just not enough to make investment or reuse work.Their are many small factory buildings through out city in same boat.Unless we can somehow pic and choose those for demo and replace with shovel ready lots the buildings just fall into disrepair.Then theres owners rights, yada,yada,yada. The dilemma continues