May 17, 2013

The Mad Men of Allentown

Back in the day, the titans of Allentown would fill the five barberchairs of the Colonial Barbershop, 538 Hamilton Street. That was when the town had three department stores. That was when Wetherhold and Metzger had two shoe stores on Hamilton Street. That was when Harvey Farr would meet Donald Miller and John Leh at the Livingston Club for lunch, and discuss acquiring more lots for Park & Shop. By 1995 all that was gone, but Frank Gallucci, 82, would still give some old timers a trim. The Colonial Barbershop property, closed for many years, has been purchased by J.B. Reilly. It is my pleasure to present this previously unseen portrait of Gallucci, toward the end of his career.



Anonymous said...

What a great shot! When was the picture taken?

michael molovinsky said...

@9:26, 1995.

Anonymous said...

The 1970's were the last of the "Great Hey Days" for Allentown's Center City ("Hay Days" for the Farmers, so they won't be offended HA!) I was blessed to be involved business wise, as the Freeman's Dairy Wholesaler. After serving Zollingers, H. Leh, and then the Americus Hotel. I would quick drop in to the Colonial, with Frank and the Boys, to catch up on the latest "downtown" gossip. That's a perfect "angle shot" picture. Thanks for Memories Michael.....PJF