May 15, 2013

O'Hare Fumbles Assist To Browning

In a post last evening meant to bolster Dean Browning against Scott Ott, Bernie O'Hare inadvertingly raises some questions which could end up hurting Browning. O'Hare's premise was that Browning out-raised Ott two to one, and that half of Ott's donations came from local business woman, and County Commissioner, Lisa Scheller. An analysis of Browning's contributions show that half of his contributions came from out of state, and seem to be dominated by the private aviation industry. An anonymous comment on O'Hare's blog reveals that Browning works for Jeff Citron, a financier who received a monumental fine by the securities exchange. Bernie's fumble was that in criticizing a candidate for being supported by a locally respected business woman, it ended up being revealed that his candidate of choice, is supported by a national figure with a controversial reputation. None of this would normally interest me, except for one of my unwritten posts. In that post, never put to words before, I question if there is an attempt to sabotage The Lehigh Valley Airport. The board of directors seems to make one poor decision after another. Recently, they hired the private company director who failed to retain a major airline. They now have invested in a custom station for international flights, when they cannot even be competitive domestically. Cunningham appointed Pawlowski to the board when he knew that Pawlowski's sole interest was selling Queen City. The future County Executive could have a large role in deciding if that airport will ever serve the interests of the public, or just private aviation. I'll let O'Hare pick up the worms, he's the one who dropped the can.

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