May 15, 2013

Bernie's Over Enthusiasm

Occasionally, I have to take my fellow blogger Bernie O'Hare to task for his enthusiasm for one candidate over another. Me, I don't like anybody. Long time readers of O'Hare know that he likes Dean Browing, but dislikes Wayne Woodman and Scott Ott. He currently has a post demonizing Woodman's wife, Lisa Scheller, for contributing half of the funds raised by one commissioner candidate, $5,000. In another post today,  he accuses her of trying to subvert democracy, by contributing to the executive branch race, while she's a legislator. If he would apply the same aspersions to Brown's campaign report, he could report that Brown raised $5,000 each from two sources out of state. He also raised $2,500 or more from 14 more people out of state, many from Texas. He could say that Brown raised over $57,000 from interests outside of the state, almost as much as Ott raised altogether. Expect a long defense from O'Hare.

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