Apr 4, 2013

Lehigh Parkway's Forgotten Island

Director Harms Lehigh Parkway
February 04, 1993|The Morning Call
To the Editor:

The WPA in the 1930s created a three-acre island by diverting water from the Little Lehigh Creek. The island had remained a source of joy for birders, naturalists, and nondescript strollers. No one foresaw Marushak arriving on the scene with wrecking tools to rip up the bridge, terminating public access to the island. Three masonry piers remain in place. Also remaining are 12 discarded auto tires gathering silt in the small stream.

ALLENTOWN (February 4, 1993)

20 years later......
Most people have long ago forgotten that there was a bridge to the island, although the stone piers still remain, obscured by overgrowth. The curved wall and landing of the Boat Landing, shown in the lower right of the photograph, are buried. In 2009, with help from others who appreciate our treasured parks, I had the privilege to
rescue the steps which lead to the landing.  Over the decades, the debris and silt mentioned above has enlarged the island, almost to the boat landing.  This Saturday, April 6, in conjunction with Friends of The Parks, I will conduct a tour of current and former WPA sites remaining in Lehigh Parkway. 

Michael Molovinsky


Anonymous said...

Why was the bridge taken down in the first place? Crime problems or couldn't afford to maintain the properties?

Anonymous said...

How does all that silt build up and take over the creek? What could have been done to prevent the island from growing and the creek drying up? Will there be an island and a creek again?

Rich Fegley said...

Where will the tour be starting? Where can we meet you?

michael molovinsky said...

rich @4:18, we start at the robin hood parking lot. take main park entrance off S. 15 (entrance to lights in parkway) and make first right turn over bridge to parking lot. 10:00a.m.
p.s. there is no courtesy of the floor tomorrow.