Mar 20, 2013

The Poresky Editorial

Dan Poresky has an excellent op-ed piece in today's Morning Call. He explains how the water lease is shortsighted, especially with the concurrent redevelopment of Hamilton Street. He implies that those councilpersons who vote for the lease will tarnish their legacy. I agree with Poresky's article, except the last sentence; To drive home his legacy point, he states that it will take more courage to vote with the mayor, than against him. I am afraid that Dan overestimates the sophistication of the Allentown ballot box. While Dan at this point in the game must play the cards he has left, I do not. Voters will quickly come to resent the privatization. High gasoline prices alone will eventually drive up the consumer price index, resulting in annual double digit water price increases. Pawlowski will be blamed for the water fiasco of 2012, like Afflerbach is blamed for the police pension of 2005. Historically, that blame never expands beyond the mayor at the time. Understand that a person who voted for the pension is still on council.

Chris Casey post on the Allentown City Council Race


Waterboy said...

Read Dans article this morning and I must say it is very well written and straight to the point. We must keep the pressure on this administration and hold the mayor and those on council that vote for privatization responsible for there decisions.

Alfonso Todd has a good article on his Blog about privatizing, he points how many people are worried about the here and now and not the future, and if things don't affect people's immediate lifestyle then it's not important. I agree with him, more people should read up on the outcome of privatizing, it's not good.

MM I would like to thank you for standing firm against this administration and council, please keep the pressure on. The fight is not over!

Anonymous said...

Political courage? None of those people would be on council if they had any, Ed has seen to that.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Indeed Mr Poresky must play the last cards he has left,as all previous hands were lost. One after the other.

Anonymous said...

None of these candidates would dare vote against Pawloski.

michael molovinsky said...

scott at 9:46, people can evolve, certainly jeanette eichenwald did.

@10:51, i appreciate everything poresky has done. his losses are our losses.

@11:13, i expect that eichenwald will vote against the lease.

Anonymous said...

I will be in counsil chambers with a filter from one months use and a new one for the court jesters to compare this week¿