Mar 27, 2013

Sabotaging The Airport

Sometimes I think that there is a conscious effort to sabotage Lehigh Valley Airport. Authority member Ed Pawlowski was wrongfully appointed by Donny Cunningham, with the single objective of selling Queen City Airport, for a shortsighted tax bump for Allentown. Although this year flights and airlines were at a twenty year low, they hired the same private management director for a full time, direct job; They literally rewarded failure. Although passengers repeatedly demonstrated that they would rather drive to Philadelphia and Newark for selection and price, we're investing in a customs station. Although we scrapped a shuttle bus to the economy parking lot to save $50 thousand, we're investing five times more for a two day air show, without the crack Airforce team. Supposedly, the decision on what surplus property will be sold to pay for their poor past decisions will be announced in two months. Let us hope that Allentown will still have it's historic Queen City Airport.


Anonymous said...

Dear MM Until tragedy recently touched our family I was totally unaware of one of the great services that came out Queen City Airport.Transport of transplant recepients on a moments notice!I thought it was a personal playground for those of wealth and priviledge.My apologies!I hope we keep our priceless treasure.

Anonymous said...

Why not have an air show/balloon fest at Queen City?

That would seem to make more sense.