Mar 5, 2013

Allentown Arena Digest Vol.1, Issue1

Official News About Your Arena
State and local income taxes collected from the NIZ district exceeded $31 million dollars in 2012. After the Authority took the yearly arena debt service off the top, the remainder went to J. B. Reilly's Ever Expanding Empire Incorporated. Remaining funds, which will never exist, are earmarked for the children and seniors of Pennsylvania. CUNA and The Community Action Committee of Lehigh Valley, have decided to go their separate ways in extracting community benefit from the arena complex. Jenning's group will be getting a percentage of loans made to developers by the Arena Authority, on which he sits. CUNA members will be getting a discount on hotdogs and soda at all arena events.

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ironpigpen said...

Chairman Pawlowski once bragged publically that the Palace of Sport would draw 2.5 million visitors annually (The Morning Call, May 17, 2011).

Tack on a $ 1.00 NIZ Wealth Redistribution Fee for EVERY event at the Palace of Sport.

According to Pawlowski, himself, this is guaranteed to generate between $ 1.0 million and $ 2.5 million dollars annually.

HERE is Alan Jennings' cash.

Hockey fans in the Lehigh Valley won't mind paying the additional fee. Because they are NOT troubled one bit by state-sponsored hockey. In fact, they would appreciate it if I would just shut the hell up once and for all.



Anonymous said...

Jennings IS a man of the people.