Mar 14, 2013

A Message From Dennis L. Pearson

Behold the siege ramps have reached the City of Allentown, calamity is assured if its leadership only has eyes for the short-range self-serving solutions. I don't see much of a depth chart in this years primary... But maybe I would be surprized. I am a life-time resident of Allentown and Lehigh County whom is very familiar with the problems that confront Allentown, Lehigh County and their origins ... But my name will not appear on the spring ballot ... The fact is, although I am a life-time resident and a knowledgeable one at that , sometimes to use parady a Gailiean is a stranger in his own community. As I inferred in an earlier post, my mission is to do good ... But obviously some have blurred vision and seek to deter me from my mission, not wanting me to be visible. Indeed some want me to give them my ideas but in the same breath they don't want me. It is great to see that there are so many challengers for the Allentown City Council... It is not so great that the election season 2013 may be over with in spring...And it would be not so great if the current field consists of ambitious people who don't have a complete view of the issues and problems that confront Allentown.                                                                                                                     Dennis L. Pearson   March 13, 2013

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