Feb 20, 2013

Harassing Alfonso Todd

Feb 19, 2013
James J. Narlesky, Magistrate Judge
District Court # 03-1-04
248 Brodhead Road
Suite 2 Bethlehem, PA 18017 
RE: Docket Number: MJ-03104-TR0000434-2013

Judge Narlesky, Your Honor:

I understand there's a private meeting or a public hearing (your secretary Jenna has pledged to call me back on this) scheduled for this Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 @ 9:00am regarding.... habitual recidivist scofflaw defendant and Allentown City Council candidate Alfonso Todd ...... 

As a "sidebar," Your Honor, I am pleased to have been the civic-minded catalyst for Alfonso Todd finally contacting you and accepting some small measure of accountability for his antisocial behavior through my Lehigh Valley Somebody blog post on Alfonso, LVS Exposé: "We CAN Do Better" than Alfonso Todd on Allentown City Council. 

Your Honor, considering the fact that Mr. Todd has been thumbing his nose at police and the courts..... and finally, Your Honor, that this man has the audacity to insult the citizenry and run for Allentown City Council, I humbly ask that you impose the maximum 6-month jail sentence on Alfonso Todd as you have the full authority to do.

Thank you, Your Honor, for considering being as civic-minded as I am. 

Best Regards,
Bill Villa

Bill Villa's harassment against Alfonso Todd and others, including myself, continues every day. I've been told that on Villa's blog he now falsely claims that I challenged him to a fistfight. As I said before, I do not challenge anybody to any form of physical altercation, but do challenge the Allentown Police Department to protect me, and others, from these increasingly hostile threats from Mr. Villa. In addition to myself, Villa sent a copy of his email to both Allentown City Council and Mayor Pawlowski.  It's a quandary if one should report on Villa's despicable  behavior. Needless to say, he certainly isn't really civic minded; He is a predator, trying to cause harm to people he barely knows, and have done no harm to him.  He is a distorter, who has sent hundreds of such letters, as shown above, about dozens of people. He is a cyber stalker.  Most people don't even care to read about such things, much less write about them.  I also would prefer not to write about his abhorrent behavior, but he counts on his ability to intimidate his victims into not defending themselves.


michael molovinsky said...

email from bill villa:

Mike, you do realize I trust, that the hundreds of people who were cc'd on my letter to Judge Narlesky on Alfonso Todd, some of whom may read your blog, can plainly see that in your "reprint" of my original Narlesky letter at your blog that you've, incredibly, deleted out all the damaging facts on Alfonso Todd and the "non-parking ticket" reasons for his 2 outstanding arrest warrants.

Mike, as you know, this is outright lying, and (coupled with your "seeds of dangerous physical injury" threat) will definitely weaken your position w/ the police in the near future, so thanks, again.

Bill Villa

because i have a moderated blog, ironically because of bill villa, he contends that any comment on my blog, is as if i made it myself, i.e. seeds of...... although he knows that the comment wasn't from me, he portrays that it was, on both his blog, and even here. he trades on this sort of distortion. although writing about him is very unpleasant, he counts on such reluctance in his campaign against dozens of victims.

michael molovinsky said...

yesterday, i sent a copy of villa's full letter to the judge(about alfonso todd) to bernie o'hare. as villa notes in his comment, with another thinly veiled threat against me, that i edited villa's letter. i see no purpose in repeating villa's speculations about todd's violations. villa has no idea for what reason the citation was issued. here's o'hare's reply.

I'm sure the Court will be thrilled by this ex parte communication from a Pawlowski lunatic, interfering with the judicial process concerning a man who is presumed innocent. He talks about Todd insulting the citizenry while he insults the Court by asking it to prejudge a Defendant and impose a jail sentence. What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that Bernie is right on this one. At a quick glance, Villa's harassment always seems to be spot on. But when one looks at his harassment more closely, it shows the charade that it really is. He is really a big joke if he thinks he is fooling anyone.

He has been harassing me for over 3 years. He doesn't realize how close he is to getting sue. My company has deep pockets and can't wait to sue him. The only thing standing in the way is me. But one day my opinion may change and he will finally see whether he is wrong or right makes no difference. When one has deep pockets, you can be tied up in court until you run out of money. And that is when the fun starts!!!

michael molovinsky said...

i received an anonymous comment which states:

The man needs to stop the harassment. Where is it all leading? He has smeared his own name through his actions over and over again.

I'm glad MM puts the subject's name right out there, he deserves all the public "discredit" he's due.

he then goes on to elaborate on a previous comment he submitted on a previous post, which villa has distorted and contributed to me. please refrain some submitting any comment which could be misconstrued and distorted in such a way. thank you


Thanks, MM, it's appreciated. Apparently, I am PUBLIC ENEMY #1, but it is what it is... Tomorrow I face the judge, pay my fines, and keep moving toward the Primary....

Ain't No Stopping Us Now,

Alfonso Todd



Anonymous said...

This is blog entertainment at its best.

Villa's distortion of the statement in question ("seeds of...") probably stems from his inability to understand that blog comments can come from other people besides the blog's author. He's so accustomed to writing his own blog's comments exclusively that he probably doesn't realize that real people post real comments at other blogs, like yours.

Mr Molovinsky, I admire your handling of this entire situation. Is there anything readers can do to end the insanity? I do enjoy the blog drama, but I realize it's actually rather frightening and damaging, for the real humans, like yourself, involved. A court case on all this is imminent, one way or another.

michael molovinsky said...

another anonymous comment that I edited


Michael, I am the offending poster you referenced at 3:36pm.

I am disappointed in you. You are showing weakness in the matter of Bill Villa by not posting my message in its entirety. Bill Villa needs guidance. He needs to read even more clarification that his sad behavior... xxxxxxxxx
But, it's your blog. Do what you will. However, contributing to your blog is MY purview. I wish you well.

dear friend, first, let me apologize for publishing your comment against your wish. second, allow me to apologize for again editing your words. what we learned from your original comment is that i, not you, will be threatened over your words. in regard to "weakness" and "guidance for bill villa", his contact information is contained within these comments, why not give him a call and offer your help?