Jan 14, 2013

Top Brass To Cash In Chips

molovinsky on allentown has learned that the top brass of the police department will cash in their chips this year. Chief Roger Maclean, Assistant Chief Joe Hanna, and assorted captains had deferred retirement under the previous lucrative contract, on the condition that those perks remained with them until retiring; They will all retire this year, under benefit of the previous contract. Because of the mass exodus in 2006, and now the pending retirement of the holdovers, we will virtually have a new police department and leadership. As the Palace of Sport and Private Wealth progresses, and the intercity violence increases, look for new idea's from our Mayor For Life. Check with The Morning Call in ten days to two week, for what will be just a longer version of my exclusive.

UPDATE: I wish to emphasize that I infer no resentment about their pending retirements.  On the contrary,  we are indebted that they graced the city with another eight plus years of service.


Anonymous said...

A tragic loss due to a terrible contract. We can't continue to lose this level of experience and expect to have anything approaching a good force.

michael molovinsky said...

@4:56, in 2005 twelve officers supposedly would avail themselves of the retirement incentive, when passed, forty eight jammed the doorway to get out. many police retired then at age forty or less. maclean, hanna and the others are now of normal retirement age. they stayed on for years to our benefit. although the previous contract was terrible for the taxpayers, supposedly the current one is more reasonable.

Anonymous said...

If this be true this loss of joe will be terrible to allentown minority mojority¿
Like the pud admin will be this election like a fart in the wind. There will be a last minute bipartisian Demcrat that steps up to the plate. This will stop all this pay to play in allentown pa