Jan 27, 2013

The Political Blogosphere

Bernie O'Hare usually doesn't post on weekends, but he made an exception to note and link to Chris Casey's piece bashing Wayne Woodman, a sore spot they share in common. In Casey's mind, Woodman is a wealthy manipulator of local politics, which left to it's own, would be magnanimously run by Democrats. Democrats don't have a problem with wealth processed by their own, be it a Kennedy or kerry/Heinz, but when those Republicans spent their money, it can only be for evil intent. Seems as if Percy Dougherty is facing a primary challenge. In most circles, including Democratic, that's healthy democracy. In Casey's treatment, speculation presented as fact, Dougherty is being punished for his moderation. Rather than respect the potential challenger, Scott Aquila, for the accomplished and politically involved person he is, Casey assumes that he is a puppet, who must be paid for and controlled by Woodman.  For my varied interests, it's way too early in the election cycle to concern myself with candidates, however, fairness and balance demands this short rebuttal.


Anonymous said...

Thought it was always good for society when there are multiple people running for an office. It demonstrates many things. But most importantly, it is healthy in a sense that it keeps the candidates honest and out in the public's eye. Not that Percy did anything wrong, but no one should ever be unopposed.

By the way, when are you going to post more of your Musings? They are great!

ironpigpen said...

"They (Republicans) can come along for the ride, but they gotta sit in the back" --- PRESIDENT BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, October 26, 2010

But, whatever.

So, when is the first ice hockey game at the record-smashing Palace of Sport?


Chris Casey said...

Mike, I have no problem with people running for office. i believe the more the merrier.
However, the post is my read on the situation. I've interviewed many people and asked a lot of questions.
I don't agree with Woodman's message, and his methods, but I admire him for his tenacity on the field. The guy comes to play, and anyone not in to the hilt with him had better beware.

By the way Rolf, still want to meet you for the beer sometime.
Maybe we could get the former manager of Cosmopolitan to buy us a round at Platinum Plus?!

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, I linked to Casey's story bc it broke a story I have not seen elsewhere, just as I often link to you when you break stories that are not seen elsewhere.

I have posted a blog about Geoff Brace's candidacy in LC, but am not up to date on the races there like I am in NC. So when I saw that Percy Dougherty is being challenged, I pointed it our. And he is being challenged bc he is too moderate.

I don't believe I mentioned Wayne Woodman or his influence in this matter.

I also agree that the more the merrier. It gives me more to write about.

I intended to save my story until Monday when people are actually reading, and accidentally hit publish.

michael molovinsky said...

chris, you wrote that woodman "recuited" aquila to run against dougherty. you also write "That's what happens when you try to govern for the good of all the people in your district, at least if you are a Republican." i doubt that you interviewed scott aquila.

bernie, despite chris's comment here, his post is primarily about woodman trying to stack the deck against those not on board, and being willing to pay for it.

Chris Casey said...

Mike, I hate to break it to you, but that is exactly what Woodman is trying to do. I expect no less.
What I find Ironic is that you decry Mayor Pawlowski recruiting and supporting candidates, but defend Woodman.
Both sides do it, whether anyone likes it or not.
And no, I did not interview Aquila, but I had THREE separate sources on this matter, and i waited several days to make sure they were not sourcing each other.
I stand by my observation that Percy D is a man who represents ALLf his district, and I think it regretful that he is being challenged for being a free thinker. The exact qualities you champion for Allentown City Council people, am I right?
Mike, I agree with you on many things, but please try to see my point on this one, even if you disagree.
Respectfully, your friend, Chris Casey

michael molovinsky said...

chris, this post was about your orchestration concerning woodman. even the comments were somewhat orchestrated. your comment of 2:07 says that themore the merrier. bernie at 2:49 agrees that the more the merrier. the problem is that i put up both the comments at the same time, at 5:00pm. bernie was apparently replying to an advanced copy of your comment, that you must have sent him. my criticisms of pawlowski are direct observations about his plans and policies. i never make accusations of impropriety, or even host such comments. your post, and subsequent comments are more operative in nature. you paint a Machiavellian image. i agree that this is no crime and commonly done. i only point it out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, Both Casey and I use the same common phrase - "the more the merrier." I had no advanced copy of his comment. I have had no recent emails from Casey at all. I did have a phone conversation with him, but it was on Friday, before both his post and your reaction to it.

As I said before, the purpose of my post was to draw attention to the fact that Dougherty has a challenger. You are correct to note I have no love for Woodman or Ott, but I have no knowledge about their involvement in this matter.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie (and chris), sorry about coming to the wrong conclusion in regard to the more the merrier