Jan 24, 2013

The Anonymous Comment

Occasionally, I have an urge to insult blog readers, and always try to do it on Bernie's blog, instead of here. Some people who comment anonymously have a legitimate reason, most simply want a venue for expression, with no risk of any repercussion. Some people establish a recognizable pseudonym, so that they can have some credibility and consistency with their point of view, others just comment under the generic anonymous. The Red Meat posts, where the blogger accuses or insults someone or something, draws the most comments. The anonymous can't throw enough stones. Some bloggers cherish comments, I try to tolerate them.


Anonymous said...


I posted the following on Bernie's blog yesterday in response to the left's constant use of personal insults as dialogue. Do some on the right use insult? Yes, but unlike the left it is not an established tactic.

Scott Armstrong


What the anonymous posters from the Left haven’t figured out is that their cowardly ugliness speaks for itself and serves to discredit the point of view they wish to advocate.
How ironic that they view themselves as the tolerant ones. What their posts demonstrate instead is how they love to hate anyone who doesn’t think as they. Imagine a world with these people in charge. Check the history books for more insights on this.

Scott Armstrong

ironpigpen said...

I don't have to imagine --- "these people" ARE in charge.

Bullies at heart, and completely unrestrained by anything even remotely resembling genuine checks or balances.

Locally, I give you General Secretary Pawlowski and his All-Star Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks to authenticate my statements.

I also offer the record-smashing Palace of Sport and the failed "Voter Initiative" with respect to the ongoing but soon-to-be ended Water War as further proof.

But, whatever. They WILL all win re-election and rather easily, as well.


PS - When does MY wife get a cushy consulting job in exchange for public and overt Palace of Sport support?

I am prepared to compromise in a bi-partisan manner!

I am even willing to throw "The Rich" under the bus and tax them into utter oblivion, as a demonstration of my sincerity and willingness to work together to find a "reasonable" solution to all of these problems that I have inherited.

Anonymous said...

Another weekend of facts edited out by the morning rag/ wfmz as well as you MM¿ You must be another courrupt media outlet that wants to be part of, because you won't post my posts¿ Pray as all of will in hopes that this politi al bulling of allentowns public works!


michael molovinsky said...

redd, i reject your comments which cross the line insulting public officials. as i stated before, submit such comments under your real name, don't use this blog and my name.

Anonymous said...

MM, the rabbits name is george schaller a life long resident of center city allentown and this person that the Minority Mojority just also happens to be called redd¿