Jan 14, 2013

An Announcement, Two Shootings and A Stabbing

As reported previously by this blog, Pawlowski is announcing his candidacy, and he has no republican opposition. Today's Morning Call article even quotes Scott Armstrong, who frequently comments here. It's interesting because Scott does not currently hold any position within the local Republican party, although he is a republican and a school board member. The article said that some refer to Pawlowski as a visionary. Although I do not know about that, I do know that his announcement shares the paper with two shootings, and a stabbing; That's the vision most people really have about Allentown. I have taken the liberty of using The Morning Call's picture of Pawlowski, but with proper attribution.

photocredit:Denise Sanchez/The Morning Call


Anonymous said...

It's almost 7 am and you are still the only local blogger addressing this "everybody already knew" news bulletin. Please tell Alfonso to organize a city walk. We know you've done your very best to educate the public but the Parkway is still a mess and getting worse. Just wait till a rumored training center (that works often at night)
moves in.

Anonymous said...


I saw the article. Two things, I prefaced all of my comments to the reporter with the disclaimer that I am no longer connected with the LCRC. Following that I said it is not worth it for a Republican to run for the office because Ed has so much campaign cash, can raise even more and the city voters have demonstrated a propensity to vote straight party, going so far as to throw out of office the best council person in recent history, Tom Burke just because he belonged to the wrong party. They have also given their votes to marginal Democratic council candidates over very competent and qualified Republicans who did extensive door to door activities. This straight party voting has lead to the creation of a political machine in the city, one so unresponsive to the needs and concerns of the residents that we see a voter initiative coming before the voters in May.
I told the reporter to connect the dots of Ed’s campaign cash and see where that leads. I said when you do this you will see city government is working very well for a few but not for the many. I could go on.

Have a nice day

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott, i didn't mean to imply that you misrepresented yourself in any way. when i did my post on the same topic, my attempts for official Republican response were also not successful. today's morning call article provided no additional information, actually less, despite by brief style of writing. my article revealed that one possible candidate (whom I declined to name) had a change of heart.


Hey, ANONYMOUS 7:00am,

Thanks for the comment but I really believe we need something BIGGER than walks and rallies. We actually need acknowledgement from the "powers that be" that there is an ACTUAL problem. Unsure why they are afraid to say or do anything when the problem is apparent? Again, people are tired of just being looked at and tolerated. We need action by those who were appointed / voted into office ....

And if the only thing they can say is "it's not my problem or what do you expect us to do?" then I would suspect they aren't the right person for the position...

Alfonso Todd


ironpigpen said...

Waste of (edited) time and money for anyone other than a Democrat to run, really.

All the demonization. All the trash talking. All the marching in lockstep and straight-party-ticket voting ...

It HAS worked to perfection, one must admit!

The entire Republican label, be it Conservative or otherwise, IS thoroughly destroyed ... and, quite possibly, forever.

Congratulations, Democrats. You know damn well you always dreamed of no opposition --- And now you have it!!!

Please enjoy thoroughly. You certainly "worked hard enough" for it. You certainly "deserve" it.

Meanwhile, if none of the "evil, greedy, rich" Republicans want to play in Allentown's sand box ... can anyone say they are even the slightest bit shocked?

The only thing to do now is be compliant, shut the hell up and hope that such submissive behavior might lead the benevolent Chairman to start passing out free tickets to his magnificent Palace of Sport.



P.S. --- The way I understand it, the Water Deal WILL BE done BEFORE the so-called "Voter Initiative" ever has a chance ... Again, I say, "Chairman Pawlowski is in COMPLETE charge."

Anonymous said...

After all, the old saying goes "You made your bed, now lie in it!"

Evidently, no one else is showing up in pajamas.

Anonymous said...

What we appear to have here, is two political parties, each in their own way, completely bankrupt. We are witnessing the total failure of the political system.
It is really quite remarkable.