Dec 24, 2012

December 21st At Cedar Park

There always has been something, somewhat ominous about the 21st of December. If not the mysterious pagan celebration of the winter solstice at Stonehedge, it is the shortest, or darkest day of the year. Notable heavies, including Joseph Stalin. were born on this day. If all that isn't enough, this year was anticipated as the Mayan Apocalypse. Although we appear to have dodged the doomsday bullet, Allentown's Cedar Park experienced significant flooding.


monkey momma said...

Great shot. I'm sure you saw that on the other side of the Ott Street bridge, flooding was even more intense. You would be up to your spandex in no time if you tried to ride a bike on the pathways that day! I guess scuba diving would have been the sport for that day in the park.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Great photography, MM! The Bushkill Creek was a raging torrent here in NC, but I neglected to get a shot.

PresentAllentownParkAttendee said...

Wish I could have been standing right behind you when you snapped this photo, Mike, although that could have ended up being somewhat ominous too.

michael molovinsky said...

Park Attendee, i wish the school administrators had read Lehigh Valley Somebody blog before they agreed to listen to angie villa's thoughts on education. ironic, because that same week they had someone from the attorney general's office give a workshop on cyberbullying. hopefully, the attorney general will someday catch up with Somebody.

michael molovinsky said...

Lehigh Valley Somebody is a blog operated by Bill and Angie Villa. Angie links to her Art and Education Blog from Somebody, but doesn't link back to Somebody from the education blog. Somebody contains endless rants, insults and threats against various local lawyers, judges, ministers, professors, deans, and so on. here is a recent comment from their current post, bragging about their cyberstalking.


Readers, FYI, here's a partial list of the pusillanimous and useless local bloggers I've single-handedly (and humbly) "persuaded" into permanent and/or chronic blogging retirement, as a public service, simply by posting truthful comments at their blogs ...

* AJ Cordi
* Jeff Pooley
* LVCI (since un-retired, retired, and un-retired)
* Chris Casey
* Dick Nepon
* Allentown Commentator (Scott Armstrong)
* Alfundo Todd III
* Janine Iamunno (AOL Patch)
* Jarrett Renshaw
* The "Rev" Canon Maria W. Tjeltveit (Church Blog)
* Attorney (for now) David Najarian ("Troll" blog)
* Michael Donovan
* Diana Morse
* Ned Donovan
* The "Third Baseman" (Rolf Oeler)
* Mike Molovinsky (24/7 comment moderation to keep the truth out)

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