Dec 24, 2012

A Jewish Christmas Card

Most Jews experience some conflict during the Christmas Season. This is essentially a Christian nation, and to totally ignore that reality could be perceived as rude. Although Abe Simon proudly wore the Star of David on his boxing trunks in NYC, he also sent out Christmas cards to his non-Jewish associates. Simon, in 1942, was the last Jew to fight for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

reprinted from December 2011


Sanctifying Grace said...

Mr. Molovinshy,

As I wish you season's greetings, I wanted to share this with you: this summer I went on a 18 day tour of Israel and a 4 day tour of Rome and all of their holy sites. I was with 16 other Catholic seminarians and two Catholic priests. We went all over Israel starting up in the Golan Heights and going all the way down to the West Bank. We went in and out of Palestine and Israel.

Everywhere I went in Israel, I wore my Roman collar with my clerical uniform. I was treated with respect and dignity, especially by officers and security; whether it be in town, at historic sites, or the airport. (And to be honest, being a Christian and of Lebanese descent, I was quite afraid.)

I had/have a new respect for all the people of Israel and everything that they must endure in their daily routines. I hope to go back soon and visit. I fell in love with Nazareth. I loved that town, the people, and the daily life. And I found many Maronites throughout all of Israel. Maybe one day I will get transferred?

Anyway, my whole point was when I was in the tunnels alongside and beneath the Western Wall, I offered a prayer for you. We first visited it on the Sabbath.

We visited the Wall many times, but I was especially struck when I was in the tunnels. That wall must have been amazing when it stood in all of its glory. We trekked from there to the City of David. Only to escape the City of David through the many tunnels of the City's old sewer system. That was not fun, especially because I am a large fellow. I came out of the old tunnels covered in mud. When we walked back through the Old City to go to Jaffa Gate where our hotel was located, as we approached the Western Wall and the Holy Sepulchre it was like Moses leading the people out of Egypt. Masses of people parted to get out of my way.

Well, I went a little overboard. What I wanted to say is: May you and your loved ones have a safe, peaceful, blessed, and fruitful new year.

Peace be with you, ~~~alex joseph

michael molovinsky said...

alex, thank you for the interesting note, best wishes, mm