Nov 10, 2012

A Modern Inquisition

The leadership of some mainstream Christian Churches, including the Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran Dominations, have sent a letter to the United States Congress asking that aid to Israel be curtailed because of Israel's maltreatment of the Palestinians. Ironically, the groups most endangered in the middle east because of their religion, are the Christians.* Copts are fleeing Egypt for their lives, Christians have fled Iraq for their lives, and the Christian sects in Syria will be endangered when Assad falls. Mainstream Jewish groups are finally beginning to be fed up with their Christian counterparts, no longer trying to explain and justify Israel's preference for survival in a hostile part of the world. Today, 20 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. The church leaders should concern themselves with the fate of Christians in the Arab world, on that they remain almost silent. The Photograph is of a church burning in Egypt.

*Because of Israel, the Jews can defend themselves,and the Christians in Israel.


ironpigpen said...

Let's get serious here, Mr. Molovinsky.

It's pretty obvious that the Mainstream Christian churches are trying to curry favor with the Administration of a certain particular president who shall remain nameless.

Most people can see Religious Freedom is under assault in Obamaica. Some people realize that the Mainstream Christian churches and their organizations are going to start to have to pay for stuff that USED to be against their beliefs.

Perhaps the Mainstream Christian chruches are looking for some kind of waiver, kind of like the thousands of waivers that were issued to companies like McDonald's, etc., not so long after the "Affordable Health Care" Law was initially passed late into the night on Christmas Eve.

Personally, I think some (if not many/all) of the elements in the historically volatile Middle East, having remembered that it was Obama who said Israel needs to return to pre-1967 borders and, having seen the latest U.S. Presidential election results, feel greatly emboldened now and figure, probably correctly, they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want now.

Perhaps the Benghazi episode has had its impact, as well.

Pleasant day to you, Sir.


michael molovinsky said...

i do not believe that the position of those churches is political, although it's politically correct. it's the current manifestation of replacement theology, which has moved from anti-semitism to anti-zionism

PresentAllentownParkAttendee said...

I hear there could be a modern inquisition near the Rose Garden this week.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to stop giving tax benefits to religious institutions.(they are all now political. Lots of O votes generated in church activities. Also they are spending time and money on political issues and not enough on true aid the poor.) They should pay taxes on income and pay property taxes.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:29, cyberstalking as park attendee, the 56 year old bully

@12:47, lots of R votes also generated.

Anonymous said...

MM--- I agree both parties used religious institutions to raise votes. I do think Ds were more active.

Stop the tax deductions to religious institutions. Pay property tax as well.