Oct 1, 2012

The Bicentennial 1962

I suppose the kindest thing I can say about this weekend's 250th celebration is nothing. Mercifully, Billy Joel's iconic tune drowned out the inane lyrics to Ed Pawlowski's new Allentown song.
So we're living well in Allentown Cause it's hard to keep a good city down Oh, some darker days are now behind And the restlessness has settled down There's a million reasons now to stay Well we're thriving here in Allentown It's the jewel in Pennsylvania's crown And we've got it all in Allentown And it's feeling like a brand new day Oh it's so much easier to stay
In 1962 there was no need for a revisionist song, the city was full of hope. Downtown was still thriving, and all the famous industries of Allentown were still in production. I suppose the seeds of our demise were already planted. The Whitehall Mall may have already been in the planning stages. The union legacy costs were starting to be calculated at Bethlehem Steel. Discount stores were beginning to sale cheaper clothing made off shore. In 1962 Billy Joel's song was still twenty years away. For those who prefer delusion with their morning coffee, you may prefer The Morning Call report on this weekend's 250th celebration.


Anonymous said...

What a smash hit!

I hope the AHL's Allentown Phantoms adopt this immediately as their team anthem and then play it constantly at Chairman Pawlowski's transformative $ 177.1 million dollar Palace of Sport.

The Pawlowski Administration should also decree that this song must play continuously in the elevators and lobbies of all three downtown hotels ... to help incubate business, of course.



Anonymous said...

Wasn' t there it must have been a good day no bullets falling from the sky? They tried to allentowns youth to show up?

Anonymous said...

MM never doubt the impact your voice has!
I never do.

Anonymous said...

Did the City Without (Spending) Limits really use something other than Monopoly Money to pay for this "smash hit"?

Please say, "No".

Lie to me, if necessary ...

Anonymous said...

No, they like most scumbags in political office are spending our childrens children monies for edumication?£$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Was there any estimate of attendance at the 250th? The MC photos looked sparse.