Sep 14, 2012

The NIZ Bonds

During the 1950's, the big television show was the $64,000 Question. Back then, that was a lot of money. Turns out, even though the contestants went into an elaborate soundproof booth, some players knew the question and answer beforehand. Although the second string developers, Joe Clark and Albert Abdouche succeeded in getting their properties included in the NIZ zone, will the NIZ Authority float more bonds for their projects? I'd bet not.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think it is somewhat telling when Phantoms season tickets are financed. This was reported in a morning call article this morning. I am sure the day could easily come when the Brooks Brothers announce, with great enthusiasm, they have chosen another site. The damage that will be done by this project on the community is profound. It is a waiting game. In the interim everything is on hold and the economy only deteriorates more.

Anonymous said...

Allentown has been don since the kings arrival, before he became mayor. He helpped draft the current apd/afd pension problem now he is going to fix it.

Anonymous said...

MM, were is the line for the bonds?