Jul 18, 2012

Union Men To The End

No one could ever accuse Pawlowski or Schlossberg of abandoning the unions. According to The Morning Call, at Pawlowski's news conference today, which I did not attend, the mayor said that the sale/lease of the water department is the only hope for the city to avoid bankruptcy, which he wouldn't consider. Bankruptcy is the only vehicle which allows the city to escape the pension obligations, in which former mayor Afflerbach allowed early retirement at salaries above those actually earned. Schlossberg, on his way to Harrisburg come November unopposed, said he has several non-negotiable concerns: "that water and sewer employees keep their current benefits..." I cannot mentally juxtaposition the construction of a hockey arena with our municipal finances in such dire straits. I don't know where the news conference was held, but the middle of The Hole would not have been an inappropriate location.


Anonymous said...

I certainly didn't expect otherwise.

If this is such a good deal, by all means let's let 87 union workers stand in the way of a benefit to 110,000 citizens.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski has been involved with the excessive pensions from the start. As CED director, he worked behind the scenes to get council to approve the Afflerbach proposal, then later worked to get council to drop its lawsuit.

When running for Mayor he promised to file his own lawsuit to overturn the excessive pensions, then quickly changed his tune and settled for pennies when dropping that lawsuit.

One only needs to review the campaign reports to understand why Pawlowski is so willing to sell the taxpayers down the drain.

Anonymous said...

No one in allentown likes hockey, now bullfighting I will be there. All that is needed in the mud hole is some seating. This would be a win win ASD could lease the seating to allentown hole commity. School district makes money and the hole has a use not over taxing the already over taxed tax base?

Anonymous said...

How about the MC violating its own long term policy and quoting an anonymous,supportive,"source close to the issue".
"If this is done right,this will solve the pension problems overnight,".
WOW! Great! Terrific!
And this source close to the issue? An independent authority? An expert? The Mayor's mother? Help us out a little Mr Lester and Mr Clark. Might I be able to weigh in as an anonymous critic close to the issue?
Inquiring readers want to know.

Anonymous said...

Allentown will declare bankruptcy. There is no way that a lease of the City's water and sewer services will save the city financially. Decades of liberalism at work here and the city run into the ground. What the City needs to do is stop spending and keep cutting. All we have to do is look at Scranton. Minimum wage jobs are all they can afford. Allentown is next. Too bad.

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

Who received more votes for an elected office? Molovinsky or Schlossberg? Well Molovinsky received 603 votes when he ran for mayor. Schlossberg received 6,847 votes... those numbers say it all... but I am sure MM wont publish this... the truth hurts him and does not want facts to be known to everyone. But he is sure to attack anyone that is elected by the vast majority of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

Decades of liberalism........
I thought you didn't allow this sorta thing on your hyper local blog?

michael molovinsky said...

i felt that the main context of the comment was allentown, but fair criticism, blog policies are not easy to apply.

Anonymous said...

4:26 -

Can't handle the truth?

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that any of the Mayor's bankruptcy talk will help with the sale of NIZ bonds. I would have thought that he would put this discussion on hold until the bonds issue was well behind.

Sometime's I think he purposely (but subconsciously) sabotages himself. Either that or he's just extraordinarily incompetent, which is probably the case.

michael molovinsky said...

dear future, i ran alone, as an independent. mr. schlossberg ran on the democratic ticket, where even 89 year old concannon won, but a well qualified republican, eric weiss, lost. i only print your midnight insult to reveal that i almost ran against mike schlossberg this coming november. for a few days i was in the 132nd district, until that new map was declared void. further comments by you may not appear, unless they further the dialogue beyond insults.

Anonymous said...

Heroic Anonymous Comrade 2:15,

In the interests of pretending to promote a doctrine of Fairness, even I must admit that very few people even knew Comrade Molovinsky was actually in the running for Mayor.

I can tell assure you that the Kremlin was not impressed with Molovinsky's candidacy and, accordingly, did nothing to help spread the word on the streets in the City With No Spending Limits.

As a matter of fact, the K.G.B. sent Chairman Pawlowski as much money as it could via the usual, third-party channels.

It is quite possible that only 603 people in the entire metropolis of roughly 110,000 even knew Comrade Molovinsky had tossed his hat into the ring.

In other words, it is quite possible that Molovinsky actually received 100% of the vote that knew he was even a candidate!

And that is why I continue to maintain that it would certainly fall under the heading of "in the best interests of the Community" if Molovinsky were breaking rocks in a Siberian gulag.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps FDAA should go to rehab to get his life back in order so he does not embarass himself or his boss with such inane comments late into the night. It is maudlin to read such self serving drivel.

Allentown bankrupt? Of course. It has been in the offing for years. It is inevitable, as inevitable as the arena never getting completed and the phantoms never playing a game in the city limitless.