Jul 31, 2012

Queen City Magic Show

With the molovinsky on allentown disclosure of long standing plans to build the new fire training facility in Lehigh Parkway, we must now speculate on the sale of the former fire training tower. Since the Lehigh Valley Hospital gave The Morning Call a "no comment" on this topic, speculation is not inappropriate. How convenient that the hospital needs to buy something that we no longer want. How convenient that the sale involves breaking the restriction on selling land at Queen City, a long standing objective of this administration. How convenient that a United States Senator can respectfully use his influence, because it involves a large local employer in the public health field.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't smell right.
If nothing else a complete lack of transparency .
Stay on this please.
Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should talk about billboards. A major outdoor advertiser is placing yet another billboard near I-78 at Lehigh. Isn't there some kind of rule about spacing between these billboards?
Count how many are now near this intersection.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Mr. Trexler's will allows for the sale of this park land. Folks living near have no idea what's in store for them if the fire training center is allowed to be built in the park. One question residents may wish to considet. What element is necessary for fire training?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any park land is being sold this time.
Just diverted from traditional recreational use. Lilkely still within the allowed for " public good use ". That does not make this use in the Parkway a good plan. The people making these plans don't use the parks. They, mayor, managing director etc are not Allentonians or even Lehigh Country folks. Their just passing through.
This facility itself is a positive thing. Further degradation of the parkway is not .
The process is one we have come to expect .

michael molovinsky said...

@10:16, i would like to clarify that it is my position that we keep the existing fire training facility on vultee street. i'm also opposed to the creation of a public safety director. as you may know, the Managing Director is a new position that never existed before pawlowski's first term. there are a number of such new positions, while the rank and file city workers are at an all time low. i continue to question the priorities of allentown in these trying times.

ironpigpen said...

And I continue to have every confidence that the Democrats continue to win EVERY election in the City With No Spending Limits just by showing up.

The education system, much like Elections, themselves, has impactful consequences --- and we all know WHO runs that with an iron fist.

Have a pleasant day, Comrade Molovinsky.


Anonymous said...

In the months the Parkway road has been one way the city has not even put up a STOP SIGN at the intersection of the unnamed Parkway exit road and Vultee St.
The signage changes since Parkway Drive was made one way are woefully inadequate and unsafe. Cars speed and go against the one way pattern. The Lights in the Parkway road exit is dangerous for pedestrians,bikes and cars.
These are the same people who are going to keep the public safe when large fire apparatus travel this road?When hazmat and bomb disposal exercises are taking place there?
( Those exercises occasionally take place there now,including explosions. )