Jul 3, 2012

Coming To Easton

This blog has beat up Sal Panto on more than one occasion. The problem started for me years ago, when Sal insisted on supporting a parking deck behind Wolfe School. This deck would have been inconvenient for everybody, and practically useless, but that didn't deter Sal. The current proposed deck, now moved and merged with Lanta and the Al Bundy Museum of High School Sports, is still looking good to Sal. The other month Sal announced that a king was coming to Easton. Although it has been documented that the kingdom is limited to this guy's head, he still remains a king to Sal.
Ghana's ambassador to the U.S. said Quartey's claim is phony. Quartey, said Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum, doesn't know what he's talking about. Prominent Ghana expatriate Dr. Samuel Quartey, a podiatrist in Philadelphia and a member of the Ga tribe, agreed with the ambassador.
When The Morning Call discovered that a new school district hire in Allentown had shenanigans in his past, the Superintendent quickly distanced himself from the impostor; Sal Panto doesn't seem to have that capacity.

photo of Sal with his king by Michael Kubel / The Morning Call


Anonymous said...

Is the guy wearing mascara? He had a chance of getting me, minus the eye liner.

Really... is this "for real?"

This seems so obviously a joke....

God save us from our "leaders".


ironpigpen said...

IF I had what I thought was a valuable ancient Roman artifact and wanted to verify its authenticity, I might consider taking a trip to Italy.

Oddly enough. I know some guys from Ghana. So I 'put this out on the street' for them to examine.

"Madamfo" is the word for "friend" in Twi, just in case anyone shows up to comment.



Anonymous said...

Panto invited you to Easton.
Don't be small.
Except his invitation.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:26, i have been invited to sit down with a number of people that i have criticized on this blog. most would like to show me the error of my ways. while there are plenty of cheerleaders and sycophants, this valley suffers from a deficit of critics; at least those willing to stand up, speak out publicity, and sign their name.

Anonymous said...

Mike I agree with Anon 1226pm. Talking to someone is not the same as cheerleading for them.

We often lament secrecy in politics (look at the NIZ). He's willing to talk, I'd hear what he has to say.

The Banker

derkyi Owusu said...

This is a lie. There's no truth in this. The name of the Ga Mantse is Nii Tackie Tawiah III

Bayern_Preacher said...

Hey...I am from Ghana and i know stuffs from Ghana. That dude is not a Chief of the Ga people neither is he the Asantehene. Imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael molovinsky said...

banker, i appreciate panto's invitation, which was issued in regard to the lanta bus depot, BUT, molovinsky on allentown readily concedes to be a informed opinion blog. in my opinion, both passengers and merchants are best served by the traditional transfer stops, as opposed to a terminal several blocks away. Lanta has the "facts" and grants which say otherwise. so, we must wait until some time in the future, when a highly paid consultant will recommend stimulating the shopping districts by returning the bus transfer stops back to the shopping corners.

mr. Owusu and preacher, i'm not in a position to authenticate or dispute the gentleman's royalty, neither is sal panto. if i were the mayor of easton, i would have to go with the ambassador, who says no. at any rate, I wish both the King/Chief and Mayor an enjoyable visit with each other

Anonymous said...

Panto looks like the biggest idiot on this one. He knows better about this guy than the Ghana ambassador to the US??

michael molovinsky said...

i will not be hosting additional comments concerning who or what mr. quartey actually is in ghana. i believe that mayor panto should be more concerned that larry holmes felt that he was being taxed out of his business location. i understand that there is now an issue about a commuter tax. Panto should concern himself about the livability of easton for it's residents. easton doesn't need a department of state.

Anonymous said...

I beleive the buses will still make all the stops here in downtown Easton. They just won't hover at the intersections which forces people to run across the dangerous circle to catch their next bus. And the big lugs won't be blocking the view or cars and people trying to cross streets. I think this will work. The transfer station is only two blocks from the circle. I hope like in Allentown there is an inside place to wait and get coffee.


Guy Williams said...

Could it have been possible that the bus stop and transfer station situation happened with the arena dream in mind.

michael molovinsky said...

guy, if you're referring to allentown, the answer is no. as recently as two years ago, pawlowski wanted zawarski to build houses on the parking authority lots. that parking is now desperately needed for the arena.

Anonymous said...

The Djaase Council of Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Asere, Gua We, Accra Ghana; wish to state that our attention has been drawn to a news item published in the Easton Area News with the Daily Express-Times on July 16th 2012, at 2:37PM by Zach Lindsey. This publication also posted on the internet in our view, contains a lot of inaccuracies and falsehoods as claimed by the self-styled “king” of the Ga people of Akra: Nii Guate Asuasa Ekasei Ako II.

We, the legitimate family, office holders of the Asere Akwashongtse/Ga State Akwashong Mantse; custodians of the Ancient Gua War Stool and Gua Deity hereby wish to set the records straight by saying that John Nii Kpakpa Quartey was only enstooled as Wolomo (High Priest) of the Gua Deity on Saturday, April 12th, 2008 and not as a king as he is now claiming.

Having said that, we wish to categorically place on record that John Nii Kpakpa Quartey who previously was unknown to the Kpakpatse We Royal Family was introduced to the substantive Head of Family; Alhaji Kasim Kwatelai Quartey by Benjamin Kwatelai Quartey, the current Principal Head of Kpakpa Kakadann We, sometime in the year 2007.

He, then introduced himself to the family as the son of one of the respected members of the family and that he had arrived from the United States of America where he went to study. According to him, he is being persistently hunted and tormented by Gua the family’s deity, both in his dreams, daily activities and life in general.

He, then went on to produced an audio recordings of a message which he claimed were from the oracle that he consulted about his predicaments to substantiate the allegation that he has been chosen by the Gua deity as the Wolomo (High Priest) to mediate between the gods and the people of Asere and the Ga Mashie Community.

He, was thus; confined, consecrated, and enstooled according to Ga customary practices and usage, as the Gua Wolomo on Saturday 12th April 2008. Stool named Nuumo Guate Asuasa Datsiriafa II. He was subsequently outdoored on Saturday 19th April, 2008, where he swore Oath of Office to the people of Asere and the Ga Mashie community.

In view of this new developments, we wish to notify the International Community and the whole world that the claims made by the so-called Nii Guate Asuasa Ekasei Ako II that he is the “King of the Ga People of Ghana” are all falsehoods and a means of fleecing unsuspecting institutions and people of their hard earned cash.

Nii Guate Asuasa Ekasei Ako II is an imposter, a jester, a pathological liar and a conman who has abandoned his post as the Gua Wolomo (High Priest) for the past four years since his enstoolment. please stay tune for more information and revelations on this notorious International Conman called Nii Guate Asuasa Ekasei Ako II: “so-called King of the Ga People of Ghana”.

You may also visit my blog site http://kpakpatseweroyalfamily.wordpress.com to read my article on the Origin of the Ga People of Ghana published in Sheikh Mustapha’s Blog and other related issues on Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Asere, Gua We. I shall be back soon.