Jul 25, 2012

Before The Queen

The original hanger and tower at Queen City Airport were built as part of the war effort,  and dedicated as Convair Field on October 10, 1943. In 1928, the Chief of the Reading Police flew to Allentown to attend the fair, landing at Mitchel Field. Despite Mayor Pawlowski's efforts to sell Queen City, the Lehigh Valley Airport Authority has decided that the south side airfield will continue it's aviation tradition, and even expand it's hanger capacity. Pawlowski, who previously declared July Privatization Month, then suggested that the Airport Authority should at least privatize the Queen's operation.


Anonymous said...

Having Pawlowski on the Airport Board is a little like wife no. 1 and no. 2 planning former spouse's third wedding.

Anonymous said...

Doing his level best to drive Allentown into the ground.

Anonymous said...

The mayor has an absolute conflict of interest. His board seat at LVIA demands his respsonsiblity to local aviation....not tax coffers of his city. Disgraceful!