Jun 11, 2012

In the Israeli Army

In it's original version this post contained a video showing that all Israelis, including females, are required to serve in the army upon reaching the age of 18. After active duty, they remain reservists, into their 50's. The citizen military commitment is so extensive because Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors, whose main commonality is their hatred of Israel. Hatred of Israel, and the distortion of it's history and intentions is not limited to the middle east. Those attitudes fester both in Europe and here, in the United States. Many people consider our media pro Israel. Does that mean that they feel that it isn't critical enough toward the Jewish state? As a Jew, and a supporter of Israel, I find the media ranging from fair to hostile, but certainly not pro Israel by any measure. I find Huffington Post anti-Israel and borderline anti=Semitic. What precipitated this post was an article in The Christian Science Monitor on the nuclear tension between Iran and Israel. The bold type sub-title says that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never said that Israel should be "wiped off the map." As we read on we learn that in Farsi the proper translation might be that Israel "must vanish from the page of time." Only at the end of the section does the reader learn that Ahmadinejad "refused to clarify whether he truly meant that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth." Active duty Israeli soldiers will continue to train, and keep their weapon with them, even at the beach.


Anonymous said...

Much anti- Israil media around the world,yes.
In the USA,strong pro-Israil,anti-Arab bias.

michael molovinsky said...

@12:36, i disagree. as a jew, and being pro israel, i find the misinformation about israel's creation and policies to be rampant. even the videos linked off the one I show, are anti-israel, although produced by americans.

Anonymous said...

Mike, your wrong about this, US media is very pro-Israel.

michael molovinsky said...

@3:15, please elaborate, why you feel that the media is pro-Israel

Anonymous said...

MM -

I am not Jewish, but I find the US media increasingly hostile toward Israel.

Perhaps it is because the Obama Administration has become less friendly toward Israel (and more friendly towards those who wish to do Israel harm), and the mainstream US media slavishly backs whatever Obama does.

Whatever the reason, I think those who support Israel should be concerned.

By the way, I'm not sure if there's all that much difference between wanting Israel "wiped off the map" or just having it "vanish from the page of time". Either option doesn't bode well for Israel.

P.S. - What happened to the interview on the original post? Do you have a link?

@3:15 said...

I don't have to elaborate, Mike. That US media is pro-Israel is my opinion, based on my observations. You know, the exact same process you use when writing your blog posts. I'd sign my name here but I have a legitimate personnel reason to remain anonymous.

@3:15 said...

Mike, I notice you didn't ask "@4:42" (a.k.a. Rolf Oeler) to elaborate on why he believes US media is anti-Israel. That figures.

michael molovinsky said...

@4:42, the original post had a you-tube that showed young Israelis in the army, with a caption that said you join the army at 18. there was no interview, or further commentary, only music. although I liked the video, I do not like that after the video plays, related you-tubes are displayed. many of them are anti-israel. they are easy to find, but this blog will not steer you there.

ironpigpen said...

Dear Anonymous 5:16 :

The comment you refer to at 4:42 PM is not mine.

Mr. Molovinsky can confirm that.

Please note I do not appreciate your attempt at whatever your attempt was and thank you in advance as your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


ROLF OELER ... (often imitated, never equaled)


Anonymous said...

NYTIMES,Chicago Trib,LATIMES, Washington Post, all overwhelmingly pro-Israel. NetWork TV too of course.
No disputing this.
All"main-stream"papers,pro-Israel. All conservative press & media,pro-Israel. US left wing media,what little there is tilts pro-Palistinian.
To deny this is to be ideologically blinded to plain,everyday American media reality.
All this can be verifiedy by legitimate media watch-dog,and/or University media research.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion,cool,your welcome to it here in the the US of A.
The fact----- US media very pro-Israel.
Period baby!

michael molovinsky said...

@9:16, i was hoping for just one example which showed how israel was favored by the media. suppose it is something you just feel.

Anonymous said...

University research.

There's a good belly laugh.

The Academics have thoroughly destroyed their Credibility, much in the very same way that the Lame Stream Media has - and it is ALL Academia's fault, all of their own doing.

Both can both yack on all they like, but nobody with an ounce of common sense is fooled anymore.


Anonymous said...

On the contrary.
A single example is of no use.
The Lehigh Valley often gets heavy snow in October.
One example--it snowed on Halloween,2012!
Try reading US media.
Feelings are important to the human animal. But they don't (note well 8:50) function as a replacement for the scientific method .
In this country one is free to be an anti-intellectual of any political stripe.Do have at it 8:50,I'm sure you have lots of company.

Anonymous said...

Mike --- you trying to appear irrational here to throw the bad guys off or something?

Anonymous said...

Have at what?

The Universities express their positions on Israel directly or indirectly all the time.

I'm not impressed by those. I am also unconcerned if someone attempts to label me as "anti-intellectual". Anyone who IS impressed with the Universities these days, fabulous.

Please feel free to give them as much of your money as you like whenever.


michael molovinsky said...

i rejected a reply to 11:42. again, i do not print off topic, chat room back and forth.