Jun 27, 2012

Blogging Allentown

This blog is in it's sixth year of publication. During that time, among other things*, I have advocated for maintaining the Lanta bus stops, maintaining the traditional park system, maintaining the WPA structures, and maintaining the Hamilton Street business district. Besides sharing the big stories with Bernie O'Hare's Lehigh Valley Ramblings, I pretty much have the city to myself. Other blogs have come and gone, or resurface with one story every few months. There's a couple other daily blogs, but you will never find them at a meeting, or on the editorial page. Like O'Hare, I've broken a number of stories, and offended a number of people. A recent comment assumed that I dislike a certain person. I would like to clarify that I do not dislike anybody, but disagree with quite a few people in local leadership positions. You may dislike this blog, or ignore this blog, but you can never accuse it of being a puff blog. It it were, there would be little point in either us being here every day. Although I will not commit myself to any rules, I try and produce a piece six days a week. Comments are usually in the moderation mode. Comments placed after 8:00 PM may often not appear until the next morning. Very insulting comments, especially submitted anonymously, may not appear at all. Thanks for stopping by.

*protest unlevel playing field because of grants
  prevent sale of Bicentennial Park
  oppose point of sale home inspections
  attempt preserving the Reading Road Bridge
  improving Fairview Cemetery
  protest Parking Authority selling neighborhood lots
  protest LCA drilling wells and neglecting sewage problems
  conducted public Allentown Speak Out Meetings
  question school district during Zahorchak era
  defend Queen City Airport


Bernie O'Hare said...

Your blog has often been a lone voice in the wilderness. I would never have been interested in Allentown myself, but for your insights.

Anonymous said...

MM. is there a way to contact you through email in a way more private than this blog? How does one get a tip to you?

Bill said...

I appreciate the work you do.

Thank you

michael molovinsky said...

@8:55, because of moderation, i see each sent comment first, as an email. i must then decide whether to post it as a comment, or discard it. so, just use the comment box as an email address, and indicate comment as "private"

Tim said...

Six years. That's 42 dog years, right? I don't always agree with you but I find your blog consistently interesting. As a former (25 plus years, all of them in center city) resident of Allentown, I commend you on your ability to care about a place that is difficult to care about.

Tim Blangger