May 16, 2012

It's de Plane, It's a Plan

Believe it or not, Pawlowski's Plane, I mean plan, for Allentown in 2005 was Weed and Seed, a stock federal government plan that produces little to no results. In 2005, when I called Pawlowski's plan crabgrass, he replied, At least it's a strategy! His plans have grown more ambitious. By 2006, he outgrew Weed and Seed and was counting on townhouses to revitalize Allentown. We gave the neighborhood parking lot near 8th and Walnut, along with KOZ designation, to Nic Zawarski to build townhouses. The last ones were just sold at auction, for 50cents on the dollar. The Fegley family formed a real estate LLC and purchased them. Decades ago, a controversial City Councilman proposed that we drop a bomb on Allentown and start over. Ironically, the city was in much better shape then. Although Pawlowski didn't drop a bomb, it looks like we did. We now have a Transformational square block hole, and every township in Pennsylvania suing us. Pawlowski even wants to close the airport where de plane lands.
The plane arrives


michael molovinsky said...

i deleted a comment which said 220,000,000 divided by 106,000 = 20,754.70 the comment apparently refers to the cost per citizen to build the arena at taxpayer expense. damit, it's a strategy!

Anonymous said...

The fantasy continues and it is amazing how many can get sucked up in the delusion. Assads article in the MC today is a good example. While his reporting is interesting, from a factual perspective, it is not objective.

He crafts a manipulative form of journalism, in an attempt, to win over converts to the Pawlowski / Reilly Land of OZ philosophy. Assad is an apologist for this cause which ultimately I believe undermines the very objective he is trying to promote.

People are not fools, as has been demonstrated by the recent string of lawsuits against the legislation and thus the project. Many have grown tired of the shenanigans of the mayor and his associates. A collective message is starting to form - they need to change the way they do business.

I believe increasingly more and more are growing weary of the misstatements and the exclusion of facts to promote personal agendas under the guise of community development.

There is just so much a community can take before it will push back. Hopefuly the community is finally taking an inventory of all the failed or underperforming prior projects of this mayor and will say no to his next step in lunacy called a hockey arena.

Anonymous said...

Ya what happend to his original quality of life campaign. Deconverting multi family devided single family homes back and all the lies that got him voted in as king. LMFAO at him and cohorts dream team remember always keep it in house.

Anonymous said...

The best strategy I have is to exercise my Constitutional Right to not purchase overpriced tickets to watch minor league heavyweights throw haymakers on Hamilton Street at the Chairman's magnificent $ 220.0 million dollar Palace of Sport.

Somtimes I wonder how that leaves them feeling over at Pawlowski Press ... but the truth of the matter is that I just don't care.

Because the NIZ Cheerleaders just don't respect my thoughts and opinions nor will they ever have the genuine ability to MAKE ME buy any Big Government crap I clearly don't want any part of.

No, I don't care how many articles Pravda, er, ah, The Morning Call prints how often.

Yes, it really is that simple.


Anonymous said...

Sick and tired of Bully Big Government.

Sick and tired of Chairman Pawlowski's magnificent Palace of Sport.

Sick and tired of Democrats.


Anonymous said...

A public relations disaster that will never be forgotten.

This is the Palace of Sport Experience of Chairman Pawlowski and his NIZ Cheerleaders.

But, hey! Keep pushing. Keep agitating.

Keep printing that Propaganda in The Morning Call. They are "objective", alright. Because everyone already knows what those objectives are.

The consequences WILL arrive someday ...


Anonymous said...

Where's the media on the conflict of interest between King Edward's mayoralty and his seat on the aiport board? He should recuse himself from any vote on selling Queen City.

Anonymous said...

Sell the Airport to Riley for a strip mall. Pave the parks. Abandon the 15th St. Bridge. Let the WPA stone work rot. Full speed ahead.

Anonymous said...

Now a waste to energy plant approved for Allentown???
what's next?
These people are crazy!
I'm outta here!

Anonymous said...

Allentown does have a great park system. Look at the acres of parkland compared to total size of municipality and you see that Allentown has twice as much as any other municipality. But that's what makes Allentown so special

Anonymous said...

He needs to recuse himself as mayor.