May 23, 2012

Hybrid News

My post on Monday, Ethics and Editorials,   discussed how The Morning Call seemed to be blurring the news and their opinions. Yesterday, as if to prove my point, we saw a hybrid headline. Inserted into the headline article by reporter Matt Assad, was a box listing their second article, by columnist Bill White. White was offended by the smugness and coldness of Bethlehem township concerning the catastrophic hole in Allentown. He should have watched a former merchant literally cry in front of City Council last spring. Today, the paper continues the news/opinion casserole. Their formally dormant blog, Valley 610, has an inane poll comparing the casino and arena. Never mind that the casino was build by private money, and gives money back to the region. The Arena would be built by taxes, and take money from the area.


Anonymous said...

MM -

The Casino "deal" was put in place before anything was done, and before a site was even chosen.

The NIZ was slipped into state legislation without any consultation with Valley municipalities.

Also, I don't remember Bethlehem digging a hole prior to an agreement with surrounding municipalities being in place.

There is no comparison.

Anonymous said...

I just don't buy The Morning Call, myself.

There are a lot of crappy shows that I just do not watch on television, either.

So, TMC can print and attempt to sell whatever they want ...


Anonymous said...

"Watching a bunch of white male Boomers delight in trying to snuff out economic opportunity for a distressed city with a large and growing population of young Latinos has been very, very gross."

JON GEETING - "The Racial Politics Of The NIZ Debate"


Having read this thought-provoking piece, Comrade Molovinsky, exactly why the likes of you and Bernie O'Hare are not laboring hard until you drop over dead in a Siberian salt mine is completely beyond my comprehension skills.




michael molovinsky said...

the only relationship that the arena project has to latino's is that several of their merchants were displaced by the demolition. (whom I defended) beyond that, there's no economic opportunity for the latino's or anybody else, besides white men reilly and butz. geeting's comment and inference is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Tikhonov, the former Dynamo Moscow man, should understand better than most.

Geeting is the quintessential Useful Idiot.

Still, I do believe it is important for as many people as possible to see just exactly how the blog formerly known as Lehigh Valley Independent and the rest of the NIZ Cheerleaders operate.

I've never seen minor league hockey marketed quite like this before ...