May 18, 2012

17 Minutes of Repetition

Pawlowski's interview on WFMZ is 17 minutes of repetition. He says over and over again that the city's proposal addresses all the concerns that the townships had in regard to the EIT. When the interviewer directly asks Pawlowski if he made any mistakes in implementing the plan, he glosses over the question, and again repeats himself about the EIT concessions. His premise that this was the most evaluated plan in the valley's history is completely erroneous. Although the legislation may have existed from 2009, nobody, including the legislators, knew anything about it. All news reports on the topic have been after the fact. Pawlowski considers those dog and pony show presentations about the arena, after the demolition began, to be public input. I do not believe he swayed any township officials with the interview. Watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Did some miss the reporter's most important question? "Why did you start a project of this size without at least half your funding in hand?"

Anonymous said...

Molovinski is like "Chicken Little," always braying, "The end is near!" Like that kids playground at Cedar Beach. Remember the mayhem Mike predicted there? Outsiders! Loitering! Vandals! Graphitti! Gangs! Muggings! Never happened. That playground is a huge success. Some people just can't adjust to CHANGE, especially change for the better. Molovinski is one of those.

michael molovinsky said...

comment @8:16 is from a local hate blogger and cyberstalker. please ignore and do not respond.thank you.

Anonymous said...

"You be hard pressed to show that it's worth the investment ... the numbers just don't add up."

Muhlenberg Professor CHRISTOPHER BORICK quoted in the article published April 22, 2009 in The Morning Call :


by Christina Gostomski

Anonymous said...


January 25, 2012


What's the matter, Comrade Molovinsky?

Do you hate the homeless or something?



Anonymous said...

Typical "hard-hitting" journalism from 69 News. Just a fluff piece with the moderator asking few challenging questions, and when she did, she allowed him to evade.

Reporter: "Looking back, would you have done anything differently, seeing how this has blown up in your pudgy face?"

Mayor: "No. I prefer to look forward."

Mayor Mulligan (golf term for a do-over following a muffed shot) wants everyone to just forget how badly this was misjudged and move forward in lock step, behind his wonderful leadership.


Anonymous said...

Lock step with little or no questions is what Democrats do best ... just have a look around either locally or nationally.

And the Democrats control of the Lame Stream Media is absolutely disgusting.

But, whatever.

This BS is unsustainable ...

Anonymous said...

Stupidity is hardly a single party issue 10:44 !!!! Nor is greed or incompetence . This country needs leadership and brains, not simpleminded ideology of any stripe.

Anonymous said...

The townships and especialy the developer will not settle at a table. When is the court date or restructuring of the ledgeslation.

Anonymous said...

Keep issuing them there apologies.

Enjoy yer Palace of Sport.


ironpigpen said...

It's definitely about the spending.

There is definitely ONE PARTY, both locally and nationally, that plain just does NOT f---ing get it.

Even with Greece and the European Union falling apart as I write --- there remains ONE PARTY (and ONE local RINO) that thinks it is okay for BIG GOVERNMENT to blow $ 220.0 million bucks on a hockey rink.

Forget about Solyndra --- this PALACE OF SPORT is absurd.

Especially considering, the SAME PARTY will be back next week wailing that they have no money to feed starving children BEFORE and AFTER school.

Are there losers in the Republican Party, too?

You bet. And they will be addressed, too. Count on it.

It's about the spending --- let's be absolutely clear.

(yeah, I'm borrowing Obama's favorite line --- sue me)


ironpigpen said...

"Lockstep is what Democrats do best".


Ramming crap, such as OBAMACARE or the PAWLOWSKI's PALACE of SPORT, down people's throats is what Democrats do best.

Yeah, my eyes have been open and I have been paying attention.

I ain't the only one --- and I'm not sorry.

No amount of apology or distraction can change that.


ironpigpen said...

But I'm the only one pissed off, right?

Ha ha.

Keep telling yourselves that ...

Anonymous said...


Get along to go along.

Sadly, it is only the lack of THIS noble and valued-at-all-costs entity that is what is really killing the Chairman's transformative Palace of Sport.

And preventing and entire City With No Spending Limits from bountiful Development and Progress.

That is entirely too simplistic --- to just rail on endlessly about the outrageous Government spending on ice hockey rinks. Or ask valid questions about where the money is actually going to come from and how debt service will be managed. Or criticize the obvious Crony Capitalism or the total lack of Transparency.

The fact that Democrats have been running Allentown for decades means absolutely nothing unless you are a partisan hack.

Completely shocking that some clueless people just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Chairman should have made his Palace of Sport $ 440 million dollars.

Since it's all about the economy / job creation and all ...