Feb 9, 2012

Ed Hozza's Epiphany

Ed Hozza stood dutifully with the other Lehigh Valley Mayor's, across the street from a pile of rubble, and allowed Pawlowski to describe the 40 temporary demolition jobs as work recovery. If that wasn't enough, he defended Allentown's EIT grab; "We're getting the numbers first and opening our mouths second." His rendition of kumbaya would end before he got home. Apparently, driving back up MacArthur Road, he ended up behind an oversized dump truck of former Allentown. He followed the rubble and discovered it was being dumped in none other than his beloved Whitehall. Concerned about contaminants, he called the contractor, who told him not to worry his kumbaya head. Although the molovinsky on allentown legal team will not allow me to comment on his suspicions, our photography staff reported that the demolition equipment does have a vivacious appetite.

photo of mayors/The Morning Call/Donna Fisher


Anonymous said...

Mike, the dust from the demolition in the neighborhoods,has any affect on the businesses and residents, if it has could you publish. Also, do you know what they supposingly did with the abestos that was not hauled to the Whitehall Dumping Site.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:44, this blog will not pursue answers to those questions. i personally limit my visits downtown during this demolition, and prefer to go in the evening or weekends, after the dust settles. ed hozza should show more concern for his whitehall constituents, and less solidarity with allentown's plans.

Anonymous said...

Last Saturday the thick dust cloud was airborne over 8th street.
Vehicles in the area are covered with a coating of fine ????.
No down side to this project.

Anonymous said...

Possible Lawsuits once the dust settles and arena completed from the dust that was inhaled as the thick dust cloud in the neighborhood. i bet some lawyers are on the sidelines a d just waiting. who is responsile that there is control over the dust that it does not affect business and residents of the area.

Anonymous said...

MM -

If any abatement of contaminants actually occurred, it must have been done at record pace.

Perhaps a call to the Guiness Book of World Records is in order.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Save-The-Earth Environmentalists with all of this?

Filling out forms for season tickets to see Chairman Pawlowski's pucksters at the magnificent $ 160.0 million dollar PALACE of SPORT?

I am outraged.


AuH20 said...

Let's call in the ambulance chasers from the World Trade Center site. They cleaned up with loads of phoney claims piled on a few legit claims. Got billions from all those construction workers at ground zero whose smoking apparently had no effect on their lungs, just a few weeks of clean-up. Again, the taxpayers are played for suckers. Let's see if the citizens of Whitehall have the guts to go up against Hozza on this one.