Dec 20, 2011

Urban Safari

Exclusive to molovinsky on allentown; this blogger has learned that along with the golf course concession, the Allentown BrewWorks has received the first franchise to conduct urban safari's in Allentown. The evening excursions will begin and end from the safety of the municipal golf course parking lot, in the deep west end. Although still in the planning stages, sites on the tour will include 9th and Chew, gunfire epicenter of the new Allentown, and a drive-by of Trinkles Cafe. Within the safety of the armored Hummer, guests will visit an actual forensic site, and watch police officers search for shell casings. The guides will tastefully point out probable ladies of the night and merchants of recreational pharmaceuticals. The tour will include stopping in front of the home of an urban pioneer, where actual members of OAPA will wave from behind their windows. With special permission from Lanta, the excursion will drive through the bus yard, showing real passengers waiting on cold steel benches, eating stale donuts. For a VIP tour, actually driven by Mayor Pawlowski himself, contact the special events coordinator at Allentown City Hall or the Allentown BrewWorks. Scott Kraus and Matt Assad of The Morning Call did not contribute to this story.

reprinted from December 28, 2008, updated with the names of the current MC reporters.


Anonymous said...

The Cost and will it include Food and Beer. Do you tip the driver or make a check payable to his campaign committee.

Anonymous said...

We had a plan a few years ago to do much the same thing.
An inner city tour for residents to see how the other side lives.
The mayors house was on the route as were the homes of council members, Mr. Butz and a host of west side stop signs residents and cops are allowed to drive right through without stopping or being ticketed.
Places where parking on the street does not get you a parking citation. Also see some parks sporting electrically powered toys.
In short, let these center city inhabitants see what they are missing.....and where it is going.