Nov 25, 2011

The Fifth Estate

Among the best wishes I received yesterday, was a poison note from Future Attendee. The note was so hostile, the editorial board at molovinsky on allentown decided not to publish it. I suspect he was embarrassed about his misinformation about Family Dollar. I have over-ruled the board, because there's a lesson to be found here. Excerpts from Future's homily; have a low level of intelligence... Oh to add once again. I know the majority of city council members outside of the Dias(sp) as well the Mayor. They all laugh at you. you are a mosquito that is easily forgotten about.... So as for your WPA issue. You can keep complaining about a project that was done in the 30's. No one cares that gives a damn. Allentown is making a movement forward not looking back from something that FDR did. Get your proprieties(sp) straight...
There has been some speculation by readers of this blog as to Future's connection to the Administration. Let us hope that it is between much less and none. A few years ago, The Morning Call decided to forgo editorials. Opinions expressed there are now Op-Ed pieces written by readers. Reporter-wise, their staff has been reduced by both the industry wide transition from print to electronic, and their parent company's bankruptcy proceedings.* Having turned into a one party town, there is no opposition in the City Council Chamber. Opposition and critical analysis of taxpayer funded policy now rests in alternative media, what I call here the Fifth Estate. If molovinsky on allentown can contribute to this new estate, my time is well spent.

* Morning Call reporters Scott Kraus and Matt Assad have been doing an excellent job providing information about the arena project.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The same sort of vile lies that spew forth from the Allentown Parking Authority.
Everyone loves us!
Yours is the first complaint we have ever received...... we will be sure to look into it.
It's for the good of our city.
Surely you want a better city.
If you don't like it, elect some one else.
This individual is the mayor, or lives in the mayors pocket.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:13, i would be surprised if the mayor did not read this site, but i do not believe that he comments.

Monkey Momma said...

Future sure spends a lot of time commenting at a blog he claims to find irrelevant.

Keep up your great work documenting the downside of transformation. Future's comments are interesting, but they are becoming increasingly mean spirited and impolite.

And thanks for all your work, MM. Your blog continues to get better with time, and I appreciate it.

Patrick McHenry said...

"I know the majority of city council members outside of the Dias(sp) as well the Mayor. They all laugh at you. you are a mosquito that is easily forgotten about...."


It would seem that the comment above, if FA is being truthful, proves exactly the opposite of what FA (Future Attendee) is saying.

After all, don't you always laugh and talk about a mosquito? And I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your many blog posts about those pesky mosquitos that are so "easily fogotten about".

No, people only spend time talking about things that are important to them in one way or another. Since you seem to have their attention, keep up the good work.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!