Nov 11, 2011

An American Hero

This painting, by aviation artist Mark Postlethwaite, based on World War 2, illustrates an actual air battle; Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 of 14/JG26 flown by Ofw. Werner Zech is intercepted by a P-51 Mustang of the 339th FG flown by Captain Francis R. Gerard, 18th March 1945. Frank Gerard was one of our flying aces, shooting down four enemy aircraft from his Mustang in one battle over Leipzig, Germany. The retired Major General passed away this week and will be buried tomorrow with full military honors.

reprinted from November 5, 2008

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Anonymous said...

On this Veterans' Day, to all those throughout the history of the United States of America who have served either in time of peace or that of war ...

... to those who are still with us here on Earth as well as those who have on ...

... I say thank you very, very much for my freedoms and liberties as I enjoy them thoroughly and quite often.