Oct 7, 2011

The Great White Hunter

In my Newspaper Safari post I used the phrase Great White Hunter. Although I would not allow my readers go off on a racial dialogue, some explanation is in order. As a six year old boy watching Ramar of the Jungle, the hunters were white, and wore pith helmets. Africa was a tropical jungle, inhabited by blacks,living in huts. Despite the image I show here, the 1953 television show itself was black and white. As an impressionable boy, I do not believe I developed any racial attitudes from the program, but I certainly received some distorted geography. The Tarzan movies continued the myth that Africa was all jungle. Whether in Hollywood with Robert Redford, or in the local paper with some guy from Catasauqua, The Great White Hunter continues on in modern times.


binzley said...

"I do not believe I developed any racial attitudes from the program..."

REALLY MM? Perhaps you are the exception but there is amply research to support the obverse.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, perhaps i should clarify. ramar in africa was too far away in both location and reality. the portrayal of blacks, in america itself, was fraught with negative stereotypes; amos and andy, roscoe on jack benny, etc. however, i will leave that discussion to more qualified observers.

michael molovinsky said...

please do not be offended if your comment does not appear. if you are offended, start your own blog

ironpigpen said...

With all due respect, Mr. Molovinsky, I am STILL trying to figure out the intended point of the original post with respect to the Great White Hunter.

A rich white guy goes to Africa, spends a bunch of money to stimulate the local Third World economy and shoots a lion LEGALLY.

Says he wants to go back and stick more money in the pockets of the locals, who, apparently, are happy to welcome him and enable his hunting activities.

Yes, a thought-provoking article, indeed.

I will take this opportunity to, respectfully, point out that many people find BOXING to be nothing more than degenerate violence that is shamelessly glorified and profited from ...

... for the record, I enjoy your boxing posts, nevertheless.

Chariman, White Men (Especially Rich Ones) Suck Feel-Good Action Committee For Change

LVCI said...

binzley said...but there is amply research to support the obverse.

Care to share where you came up with that one?
Did you even see one episode?

You do realize Ramar was a research scientist whose parents were missionaries in Africa and helped the Africans?

While it may not be PC by today's standards it was not anti-black by any means.

Anxiously awaiting for your ample "research to support the obverse"

michael molovinsky said...

lvci, i don't think binzley was referring specifically to ramar of the jungle, but the image i conveyed of natives living in huts, etc.

comments submitted after 6:30 this evening, and tomorrow, will appear tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky, I myself watched Ramar of the jungle as a child. I watched it strictly for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

What the hell?????