Sep 1, 2011

Tragedy Play At Theater

There is a tragedy playing at the Union Terrace Amphitheater. It cannot be seen on the magnificent grass stage, but
on the top wall of the double stairwell leading down from St. Elmo Street. The top surface mortar has not been properly maintained, and the stones are in danger of falling. Unfortunately

the stones from the far right corner have already fallen, and currently
lay at the base of the wall and staircase. It's imperative that this icon be repointed in very short order, or the entire top surface of the wall will be jeopardized. It's my understanding the the amphitheater was the last WPA project built in Allentown. It's necessary for it to be first in a new wave of upkeep. Please join me this coming Tuesday evening, September 6, and help make this a must do for Allentown.

WPA Project Support Meeting Allentown Public Library (lower level) Tuesday, 7:00 PM


Anonymous said...

My older brother's crew used to like to congregate at this place they referred to as 'The Wall' after the popular Pink Floyd album once upon a time.

He would be sad to see this, as would all of them, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

The condition of the theatre area is similar to the stone wall and steps where you once were photographed in Lehigh Parkway. You may not have had a chance to see the newly installed huge manholes in the Parkway that are suppose to keep human waste from spilling up onto the meadows. With last week's hurricane, some lyme was still needed in certain spots but it seems like the new manholes are working.
Perhaps sometime you might write about the staff cuts the parks dept has endured under the current mayor. How can 30 to 40 percent less workers get more work done?
Why is the Parkway the "neglected" son?

michael molovinsky said...

i did notice and inquire about the new rings around the manhole covers. my impression is that it's a help, but not a solution to the overflow issue. i was told that a portable toilet actually floated down the creek during the storm, not too appealing. the park department was down 17 workers. these cuts are precisely why the WPA structures need to be given a high priority, because without that, there is no money or manpower for their preservation.

Anonymous said...

Since this was originally a federal program in need of assistance I respectfully ask you to invite a Charlie Dent rep to the meeting.I think he should be made aware of the current situation.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 3:45, would you mind doing that for me? thanks