Sep 11, 2011

The End of the End

Yesterday, The Morning Call had a story about the trolley era, including some excellent pictures. Although I take exception with some details in that article, it has motivated me to publish this picture from 1951, which I had intended on using after the bulldozer. Not only are the trolleys gone, but soon all buildings shown here will also be gone. The exception is the Farr Building on the far left, and the Dime Bank, not shown in this picture. Although people still walk and shop the historic busy block, soon it will house the Pawlowski Palace of Sport, laying dormant every day, and I suspect many evenings. It is the end of the end.

WPA Fountain Park Tour report added to post below.


binzley said...

come on MM----a lot of folks are going to make a lot of money--stop the whining. Who cares if it is taxpayers money it is money going to the "job creators." Isn't it better than using tax money to help the homeless, disabled or those with so little?

michael molovinsky said...

binzley, once again your satire has unintended irony. actually, this whole plan was hatched by a democratic mayor, and approved by a democratic council, without one opportunity for public input. although we have a representative democracy, i feel such drastic transformation required due diligence. not only isn't that money going toward the disadvantaged, that demographic is being displaced and marginalized by this project.

steelbreast said...

Thomas Jefferson said, "The government you elect is government you deserve.”

Anonymous said...

"a lot of folks are going to make a lot of money"
More accurate would be that a FEW folks are going to make a lot of money.
And they are not MAKING the money, they are taking the money.
Didn't even haves the cajones to ask. Like thieves in broad day light.

Anonymous said...

binzley - Get a life. Sarcasm or not your comments are offensive to many who participate in discussions on this blog.

Sarcasm is an art. If that was your intent, you have a long way to go. You detract from this thread, you do not add to it.

You are pedantic and offensively arrogant in your self-ascribed attitude of superiority.

I for one am growing weary of you and your bids for attention.


michael molovinsky said...

chumscrubber, although i occasionally respond with a reality check from my POV, i welcome binzley's comments.

on the subject of comments, i do reject comments if i believe they are based solely on personal animosity. i reject comments if are very off topic, or responding to an off topic comment. if a comment doesn't appear, hopefully the submitter will not be offended. it is my intention to have a discussion of the topic in the post, not an open chat room.

binzley said...

Hey Chumscrubber: I am sorry if you find my comments offensive, arrogant and delivered with an "air of superiority." I agree that I need to work on my sarcasm skills. Thanks for the tip. I will also work on being less offensive, although I think the problem is that you and I have different views on how the world runs. I know it is much easier to only converse with those who share your views.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it better than using tax money to help the homeless, disabled or those with so little?"

There are ways to help the poor. We can push for better schools (private)for the poor since that is the best and surest way out of poverty. Another is to reach into our pockets and contribute "our" own money, face to face with the poor instead of wanting the democrats to use other people's money through taxation. That hasn't and will never work! Welfare has become a form of peaceful riot control to keep clean hands and the votes coming in!
Which way do you prefer, binzly?