Sep 20, 2011

Allentown's Malaise

Although the mayor thinks that his palace of sport and event center will be transformational, but for a few apologists and opportunists, I hear no enthusiasm. I do often hear that the first fan who becomes a victim of violence, will doom the attendance. I often hear that the project is in the wrong location. What is most important, is where I hear these comments. Although Allentown's plans may be voted upon at City Hall and Government Center, it's future is decided at it's most important institutions, the morning diners. At the tables and booths of these courts of last resort, the project earns nothing but head shaking and skepticism.

artwork by Mark Beyer


Anonymous said...

Invasion of the Moneysnatchers. People will continue to leave Allentown resulting in more vacancies and blight in residential areas. More violent crime will fill the gap. Take a look at the police blotter over the past 24 hrs.

Some people will go to the arena, most since it is something to do but will it be sustainable? I guess we will just have to wait and see. Personally I do not think it will ever get built. I am not optimistic about the project and believe Allentown will end up somewhere between Atlantic City and Detroit.

michael molovinsky said...

unfortunately, as a student of deed transfers, i believe that it will be built. too much smart money has already changed hands, especially across the streets, for it not to be a done deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing sorta about the last few days and the bloody mess Allentown's core exhibited. How many shootings in 48 hours? How many stabbings? Imagine one guy shot at Gordon and 7th. Did any of the mayor's chronies buy those properties yet for upscale residential life? Can't wait to see how these units will be advertised. Over 50 Luxury Condos?

Anonymous said...

Well I guess I am just missing something here. Cannot share the exuberance of this initiative.

Terrible disappointment given the complete lack of transparency on this by our legislators and city officials.

But that seems to be the normal course for Allentown. Would be easier to believe in the powers in control if they had any track record.

Still believe this is not about the product but the process and the money it will generate for the favored.

7th Street is a shooting gallery. No mention of that either from the Sheriff of Sherwood.

binzley said...

MM worries about fights and violence dooming the hockey arena. Isn't that the reason most hockey fans go to the arena?

MM also makes a strong point that the "smart money" will dictate the out come here, not the average citizen.

steelbreast said...

yea hockey---that will provide good models for our youth to not fight

an old dutchman said...

I learned today that the vast majority of new jobs in America are created by small business. By driving out small business owners Allentown will lose jobs. A hockey team will only guarantee jobs to toothless thugs that come from other countries. Keep up the fight Molovinsky!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:44, actually there's no fight. there never was an opportunity for public input on the issue, and it was a done deal before the first public disclosure. at this point all i can do is illuminate some of the shenanigans involved.

Monkey Momma said...

Personally, I am thinking that the smart money ain't too smart. Did any market research go into this arena plan? None of my husbands poker buddies plan to go downtown to see hockey, and these guys are all hockey fans. And, not one of my friends who live in center city plan to attend a game, as none of them like hockey. Not to mention the already stiff competition in the live venue market. This arena plan really will turn Hamilton street into a real dead zone.

Anonymous said...


Depends what hockey fans Mr. Binzley would be talking about. In the European professional leagues, fighting has always been rewarded with a game misconduct (immediate ejection from the match).

This has also always been the case at the Winter Olympic Games and the annual IIHF World Championships.


I guess the Old Dutchman is not aware of the fact that three of the top five scorers for the AHL's Adirondack Phantoms last season were American-born players.


With all due respect, Mr. Molovinsky, it seems as if you're readership has much to learn about so many things ... no wonder this blog is such an indispensable asset in the community.


michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma, an explanation of smart money is in order. i fully agree that the arena and event center will be a failure. there is simply too much competition locally now for few entertainment dollars. however, certain people will profit as intermediate buyers of property to be taken for the second phrase of this project. (event center, etc.) also, some parties will be able to use the taxes generated toward the debt service on properties they purchase and hold in the NIZ district.

Anonymous said...


Glad to read your comments. Whoever you are a recent creation of, I am sure you will enlighten the readership of this blog.

I for one look forward to your comments to assist us all in increasing our knowledge, especially with respect to hockey.


Lady Macbeth said...

Real American men like football, baseball and basketball. What kind of schlemiel likes hockey anyway? Molovinsky - organize a march on city hall to stop this stupid initiative, please.

michael molovinsky said...

ms. macbeth, the hockey arena is only the vehicle for the done deal to transform allentown. although i will not lead a fool's errand march, please consider calling city hall in support of the WPA icons. public input could still have a positive effect on the WPA situation

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

Why does it seem that everyone here thinks that the word 'gentrification' is a dirty word?

Do people want lower crime, high property values, higher tax revenue, the removal of blight? Well that is what gentrification does and that is what we need downtown.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely entertained with the Palace of Sport antics of Chairman Pawlowski and his compliant Rubber-Stamp Politburo --- I thought only we Soviets did this sort of heavy-handed authoritarian thing!

I must point out, however, that more than a quarter (27.18%) of all schlemiels (780) on AHL rosters at this moment are American citizens.

One-fifth (20.62%) of all National Hockey League schlemiels (897) are American citizens.

A further 110 American citizens are professional schlemiels with teams in the top eight most-lucrative European elite leagues this season.

How many of the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs baseball players over their first four years have come from Latin American countries, such as my buddy Hugo Chavez' Venezuela, for example?



Anonymous said...

FDAA - While some say it causes displacement that is not normally a huge issue.

It comes down to unequal treatment based on economic class and race. Just like the eminent domain of our hypocritical mayor.

Some say if the shoe fits wear it. I see you already have it on.


AuH20 said...

One wonders if the mayor will again let one cable company monopolize tv coverage. Like so many others I can't get into Iron Pigs baseball because as an RCN subscriber I have no exposure to it. The quid pro quo for these taxpayer grants, tax exemptions and loan guarantees should be full open broadcasting and/or cablecasting of the games. And then watch the politicians put the arm on the Chamber and local businesses to 'buy' season tickets.

Tpowder said...

I am a hockey fan, but there is NO way I will venture downtown and have to deal with the dregs of humanity that populate that area, shooting, stabbing, robbing, etc. etc.
The arena will be ridden with graffiti and vacant for over half of the year. What genius thinks that is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

A positive aspect to the proposed arena! This spot could be used to build an arena or more government housing as Binzley wants.