Aug 30, 2011

The King Has Abdicated

In 1958 my father had a food stand at the fair. It took him about an hour to realize you can not sell hot dogs in the King's back yard; Yocco, the hot dog king. When Yocco's claimed last year they were not at the fair because their canvas ripped, I was skeptical. This year it's official, they have abdicated their spot. Tonight the fair was jammed. In Ag Hall the granges still compete in vegetable canning. A wiseguy still incites you to dunk him. The world's smallest horse hasn't grown. Maybe Yocco's is gone, but the fair is still much more like 1958 than any other aspect of Allentown.

reprinted from Aug. 28, 2007, Sept. 1, 2009 and Aug. 30, 2010


binzley said...

Some of the readers on this blog criticize me for attacking businessman and the moneyed-class. They are right. I believe that in our society money rules and those with the most money run our political and cultural institutions. The hockey arena is the best example locally.

Nevertheless, Theodore Iacocca, a small businessman, never wanted to control Allentown, Harrisburg or Washington. His grandson, Gary (a great name) is not planning an expansion to the west coast or a political pac to buy some legislators. He runs a great local business and by the way, with his great hot dogs, he could make a fortune in Philly. Cudos to Mr. Iacocco and for MM for bringing this delightful post.

What is the real reason Yoccos is not at the fair, MM?

michael molovinsky said...

yocco now has about 4 or 5 locations. they found that the demands of the fair stand took too many employees away from the regular shops.

Anonymous said...

6 locations Mike - Original, Cedar Beach, Emmaus, Trexlertown, Fogelsville and the strip mall by the airport.

Not that I've been to each one or anything.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Iacocca's grandson never moves the business to Philly and makes a fortune.

Demonizing evil, greedy Rich people who worked hard and became successful is what I do best.

Nothing personal, just politics.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we all know that the super rich , especially the Wall Street crowd, work very very hard for their money. Don't demonize them. They deserve all they get.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Lurie, one of the super-rich and who works very hard, just paid Michael Vick $100 million. Vick works very hard also.

Anonymous said...

At least Gary Iacocca makes something. What do Hedge Fund managers make? yea, I know, money.

Anonymous said...


The Class Warriors have arrived en masse.

Now we can get down to some serious hating!


Anonymous said...

Yocco's will be missed, if only for the loss of a true Allentown tradition at the Fair.

Anonymous said...

4:53 - How many people do you think would be willing to spend two years in jail and then get paid $100 million over six years.

Michael Vick states he is being paid for the person he has become. Kumbaya Michael, kumbaya. When do the pit bull fights start baby man?

Seriously and people have to ask why we have the socio economic issues we do.

michael molovinsky said...

although i appreciate everybody's readership, this post was simply about the fair, nothing more, certainly not a forum for class warfare; such future comments will not appear.