May 12, 2011

The Republican Primary

All candidates for County Commissioner, save one (Norma Cusick), have indicated a readiness to sell Cedarbrook. As an independent I can vote for none of them on Tuesday, otherwise, I could vote for none of them anyway. A large part of my tax dollar goes to the criminal justice system, a County function I aspire to never utilize. Beyond the prison, courts, and Sheriff Department, there are the social services which administer to the dependents who are not yet criminals. Those too, I hope never to need. I don't need their soccer fields or farm preservation programs. Although I also hope to never need Cedarbrook, I have known people who have. Cedarbrook served them at the time of their greatness need. The County Government has grown way beyond the essential needs outlined by our forefathers. One of those needs was a facility of recourse for our elderly. Lets not pencil that away, to provide better recreation for the prison, or more social services for those who make being needy a lifestyle of choice.

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gary ledebur said...

".. more social services for assorted underachievers."

I cannot let this pass. MM you were blessed at birth with good health, intelligence and parents who were able to provide to you the values and motivation to be successful. It was an accident of birth. I wonder who you would be if you were born to a semi-literate teen mother who dropped out of school and could not find a decent job.

I will avoid my diatribe (no thesaurus here) on the silliness of socialized medical and nursing care run by an over-streched county government.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, you have a point, and i could have used a better term than underachiever, perhaps co-dependent. i certainly advocate for those with special needs. unfortunately, we have many people who have made being needy a lifestyle of choice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how we can encourage semi-literate teen mothers to discontinue the seemingly popular practice of having (several) children...

...increased Government subsidization to Can't-Do-Without-Social-Agencies such as Planned Parenthood?

michael molovinsky said...

i'm not informed about planned parenthood, but i do know that a child is a vehicle for a young woman to obtain her own section 8 voucher. that aside, to concentrate on the county; the county maintains a staff of social workers who provide aid from day one of arrival in lehigh county- there is no residency waiting period. this service has contributed to what i call the poverty magnet. the aid consists of enrolling the client in all possible entitlements.

gary ledebur said...

I see. Teen moms have sex to get section 8 vouchers. Shut down Planned Parenthood so they cannot get any birth control. That will help.

if I said anything about $4.00 gasoline and tax subsidies for the energy companies with billion dollar profits this quarter, I would be accused of being a Marxist and engaging in class warfare. Blaming the poor is acceptable. Asking the rich to pay a fair share is not.

Anonymous said...

PS :

Class Warfare is appropriate when EVERYTHING is divided into just two categories - rich and poor - ALL the time.

Your S.O.P. is very well documented here.

Deal with it.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

Norma Cusick is also a big proponent of the bi-county health bureau, a certain budget-buster. Should it ever come to pass, county taxpayers will be looking at still more tax hikes and selling Cedarbrook will be a foregone conclusion.

For her support of the bi-county health bureau alone, there is no way I could ever support her.

Patrick McHenry said...

Gary -

Please explain to me how ending the subsidies will lower the price at the pump. If anything, prices will increase as all business taxes are ultimately passed on to the consumer.

Mind you, I'm not saying I'm supportive of the subidies - I'm just curious as to what twisted logic the left is using to link them to gas prices.

michael molovinsky said...

patrick, when i said none of them, i meant all eight. in addition to the health bureau which i do not support, cusick advocates farm preservation. that is simply welfare for the landed gentry. why should we buy their farm, and they still get to own it? in every case i know, about 20 of them, the owners never intended to sell or subdivide their property anyway. if somebody wishes to make sure their farm is not subdivided, it's simple, just don't sell it. 90% of them are not working farms anyway. total yuppie joke at taxpayer expense.