May 10, 2011

Public Money Lovefest

Although everyone present at the train forum conceded that it was absurdly expensive and impractical, they wanted to proceed. The moderator, a professional consultant, preached resolve and grants. Between the $Billion dollar price tag, and the $12Million yearly loss projected, the Paul Marin inspired $250,000 report seemed like a bargain. The report, by the Systra Design Group, essentially said what everyone over 25 years old, or not a professional public money spender, already knew. Of course the sponsors of the event, LV Renew, are in the under 25 category. Most of the speakers were in the public spending group. One of my favorite targets and quotes is from my pal Panto; he sees tourist coming on the train. Imagine, New Yorkers getting on the train at Penn Station, to come to Easton's Al Bundy High School Sports Museum. If the train plan went full steam ahead, it would take to 2030 before we heard the actual whistle. By then, the Renew kids will probably be living in the suburbs, telling their kids to keep away from the city. Panto, and the public money spenders, will be in Depends.

photo explanation; picture is from the future, 2035, The Poverty Express, bringing more needy to the Lehigh Valley

reprinted from April 21, 2010


LVCI said...

MM Said, "..$250,000 report seemed like a bargain..

Indeed it might have been since on the other side of the river they just wrapped up their own study and theirs cost them nearly $1 Million!

The study was looking into adding an extension of NJ Transit’s Raritan Valley Line to Phillipsburg. Their guesstimate was $340 million for the 20 miles.

Here's my idea. Just blacktop the thing and run a shuttle bus on it. Hey if it doesn't work out ya always got a nice little bike trail. :-)

Seriously, aren't shuttle buses a whole lot cheaper then choo choos, their tracks and signaling requirements?


gary ledebur said...

MM: You need a break. Recycling old negatives is prosaic. Is not there any good news in Allentown?

LVCI said...

Quick Test-- How many buses can you buy with the $1 million the study cost?

michael molovinsky said...

gary, actually there is a blog called Allentown Good News, operated by AEDC, you would like it. not to sound magniloquent (a dig at your overuse of a thesaurus) i believe that some of my previous posts merit a repeat publication.

gary ledebur said...

You jab at my use of a thesaurus is execrable.

Anonymous said...

Dammit Gary now I have to look up a word!

Anonymous said...

I though LVCI was retired from blogging.

Patrick McHenry said...

Gary -

What I find mundane is that the same money-wasting proposals keep coming up again and again. They have more lives than Count Dracula.

I commend MM and his efficiency for reprinting posts that deal with those issues that are repeating themselves.

By the way, I thought prosaic was a town in New Jersey :)

Anonymous said...


I had no idea you saw scary brown people behind every corner, Mr. Molovinsky.

LEHIGH VALLEY INDEPENDENT must surely be a reputable, trustworthy as well as objective blog which only speaks the truth.

I mean, with a blog title like THAT, how could it NOT be?

How do you respond to a most serious and potentially damaging charge that this re-printed "Public Money Lovefest" article has "strong racist overtones", as reported by LVI?

michael molovinsky said...

i suppose if you're opposed to your city having an 65% percent poverty rate, and you oppose things that most likely will increase that rate, you open yourself up to such accusations.

Wayne said...

M², welcome to our world (the Tea Party) where it doesn't matter what you say, you're just a racist.

A very apt description of LV Renew and their ilk - "professional public money spender"

Anonymous said...

It's just downright frustrating that the enthusiasm directed at funding these questionable projects cant instead be directed toward obtaiining needed funds for modernizing infrastructure, improving public safety, and enhancing the general well being of the City. If that were only accomplished, then individuals would not feel so hostile towards the projects considered needless fluff at a time when taxes are already too high.

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2011 8:11 PM

Excellent statement describing perfectly the feelings of many of us here in Allentown.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if The Allentown School District is aware they are represented on the RenewLV board of directors by no other than Deana Zosky - Allentown School District.

Isn't that the grant funded super sleuth (chief turn around officer) who took it upon herself to increase "transparency" by forwarding internal ASD information to the Morning Call?

Another Sloposky plant aka mole in the district. So I guess infamous Dr. Z has joined the happy team on Hamilton St. to insure the betterment of the fine citizens of Allentown in spite of what they may think or want.

Ah grant propelled democracy, is such a wonderous thing!

Anonymous said...

Just ask yourself: would you take a train ride of some 2 1/2 hours to visit a high school hall of fame located in, say, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn? One can't help but think of the demise of the short-lived Sports Hall of Fame/Museum that was in NY's financial district. with millions of tourists and hundreds of thousands of workers down there they couldn't stay afloat. Mayor Panto....I wish you luck with what will surely be a white elephant. At least the bus depot will be a good addition to Easton.

Anonymous said...