May 7, 2011

The Monster's Appetite

A Guest Post
The most recent outrage being perpetrated by the APA in their quest to be ever more profitable:
Citations no longer come with mailing envelopes.
You will know when it's time to renew your residential parking sticker when you find an over time citation on your wind shield.
There is no way to know that a renewal is in order, you must go to the APA office and ask about the latest ticket.
I was out of town and came home to find two tickets for over time meter parking. I have been a RPP holder for many years.
When I went to the APA office to renew the permit, I was told that I had three parking tickets.
The APA apparently cancelled two of them (or maybe they didn't - I just don't know) and mailed me a citation for $50.00 for the third (?) citation.
The $50.00 fee is (I think) for repetitive over time at a meter?
To make it better, when I re-upped my RPP I was told that I still had to feed the meter for the rest of that day even after the APA took my payment for the year upcoming.
So that is another $8.00 added to the cost of a RPP.
This amounts to charging me $78.00 for my RPP.
I am one of the people trying to exist here in center city.
How in hell can anyone attempt to live here when THIS city agency
behaves with total disregard towards the public?
What is wrong with this picture??
If in fact it should exist at all, the Parking Authority should exist to facilitate life in the city.
It should not be a continuous burden to all the people living here - especially those of us living on streets with no (0) businesses.
The Allentown Parking Authority as it exists, needs to be abolished.
Below, link to an excellent site with clear information;
A guest post from "Local"
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gary ledebur said...

I agree. Parking authorities were established to provide adequate parking in order to facilitate economic development. We should remind the leaders of these agencies, regularly and loudly, of this mission. All too often these administrators see them as revenue generators.

Anonymous said...

I also have my trials and tribulations with the APA. They are no friend of the residents of the city.

But what city hall agency really is anymore? They appear to hate the very people who support them. It always seems to be reduced to us against them.

Perhaps this happens in many cities that have lost their focus on community and believe the only redemption is a constant infusion of magical money.

They keep chasing some ethereally vapid concept of economic development as the nirvana that will resurrect this city to it's former glory.

Too bad. I think Allentown is in the process of correcting, it just has not hit bottom yet.

It will, eventually, and most of us will be long gone. But then, that is evolution.

I am sure "the City" and the buffoon who runs it see us as roadblocks to their success.

But then what the "puck" do they care.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Allentown city services act that way.

Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with all the car boots?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your problem.
I avoid going to Allentown because of the parking police.

Local said...

Why does Allentown need a parking authority?
Aside from 7th st, Allentown's center city is a dying behemoth.
Ask the shop owners on 7th St if they approve of their patrons being ticked.
All of the city workers and the PP&L workers have off street parking.
In a city with only few businesses,
who is the group targeted to support the whole parking control industry?
Is it possible that the lions share of the parking authorities profits are derived from the meager funds held by center city residents?
Why do our city agencies insist on forever hammering the very people needed to revive this once great city?
All you good folks in the suburbs aren't coming to town and parking on the STREETS. You are not shopping at the bodegas, second hand stores, nick-nack shops, and other venues here in town.
The focus of attention must be shifted to safety, and NOT supporting parasitic agencies or our city will never be revived.

Anonymous said...

Is data available to detail how many city residents have sent more than $200.00 in any given year to the APA?
$500.00? $1000.00?
This can not be right!
Neither the Allentown city council nor the APA's board of directors will answer any communications regarding this "authority".