May 27, 2011

End of a Legend

When Joe Louis retired as Heavyweight Champion in 1949, he had beat all challengers for a dozen years. Before winning the title, he had avenged the only loss in his career by knocking out Germany's Max Schmeling, in one of the most famous fights in ring history. The only man he feared was the tax man, who wouldn't let Joe rest. On October 26, 1951, he climbed back into the ring to fight a young, undefeated Rocky Marciano, who had won 31 out of 36 fights by knockout. In the eighth round, the aging legend was knocked through the ropes, down and out, in what would be his last fight.


Anonymous said...

Permission to Post:
Permission to Post:

MM wrote: already the city beat has changed reporters three times this year

Please keep us informed. Had no idea.

gary ledebur said...

You can beat a kraut but not the tax man and old age. Enjoy life for as long as you are able.