Apr 21, 2011

An Allentown Tradition

This photo, circa 1948, shows a Lehigh Valley Transit sweeper trolley passing Zandy's first steak shop, on the corner of Hall and St. John's Street. Also visible in the photo is their current location (upper left hand corner, please click to enlarge photo), in the former Park Movie Theater. After the Park, and before Zandy's, it was a textile dye factory. These two blocks served as a business district at the southern end of the Eighth Street Bridge. Zandy's started in 1940, and today the third generation carries on the business.


Anonymous said...


Thank you. I love to see pictures of LVT.

My great grandfather, H R Fehr, was president of LVT and Gen Harry Trexler was chairman of the board.

After LVT they then acquired a group of electric utilities which they used to form PPL.

Enjoy the history and pictures very much.

David Fehr Zimmerman

Anonymous said...


My grandfather wilbur kirschman was probably the conducter of that trolley. His route was st john st. In fact my grandparents lived on st john st. Bought the house when he noticed it up for sale along his route.