Apr 28, 2011

Allentown Moves Visitor Center

Allentown has moved it's Visitor Center from Hamilton Street to the America on Wheels Museum on Front Street; Hope that doesn't confuse too many visitors! According to The Morning Call, the center helped about twenty visitors a day at the old location. Assuming that Lee Butz will not be stopping in eighteen times a day anymore, they should now receive about two people a day, both asking for directions to Bethlehem.


binzley said...

"It's hard to argue against cynics - they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side”
--------- Molly Ivins

ironpigpen said...

Phony optimism not based on reality is much better...

...after all --- IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

President / CEO
Molly Ivins Fan Club, Inc.

Monkey Momma said...

I just visited America on Wheels a couple weekends ago with out of town family. It was awesome, and all 3 generations of monkeys thorougly enjoyed the exhibits.

Unfortunately, finding the museum is NOT easy, and it seems an odd choice for placing the Visitor's Center. By the time a visitor gets to the Visitor's Center, they may decide it's time to just go home. I mean, seriously - it's not the most inviting part of town, even if the museum itself is truly wonderful.

Oh, and after visiting the museum that day, my family really DID drive straight into Bethlehem for lunch!!! And during the drive to and from the auto museum, all my dad could talk about was how cruddy Allentown looked the farther east we headed. He though downtown at 9th and Hamilton looked pretty good (it IS a good area of town), but Front Street seriously depressed all of us. I realize the price on the rent is probably right, but this visitor's center could not possibly encourage folks to see MORE of
Allentown - just getting to this location will probably sway people to hurry up and leave.

AuH20 said...

Why didn't they put it in what was to be a 'high end' retailer on Linden St. near the Allentown Transportation Center? Morons!