Mar 21, 2011

A Pinata Called Woodman

Wayne Woodman is learning that being the local Chairman of the Republican Party is a thankless job, at least in the Lehigh Valley Blogosphere. Last week Bernie O'Hare called him dishonest and disingenuous, and this morning Chris Casey whacks him. The O'Hare attack I saw coming, despite a lunch they had together. The O'Hare world is pretty simple. Dean Browning's photograph is on O'Hare's mantle, along side of Stoffa, Angle, Cunningham and Dent. Any opponent of those on the Mantle will be punished, sooner or later. I am more disturbed by the current Casey attack, it's a cheaper shot. Because Woodman may own some property in California, he's against the dark skin soldiers who serve our country? Not only does Chris engage in class warfare, he even speculates why Woodman lives here. Chris my friend, what Woodman owns is none of our business. Why he moved here is also none of our business, but I doubt that it was to be a bigger fish in the Republican pond; There are nicer, warmer places to do that in.


Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

I find it laughable that Bernie and others try to portray Dean's VOTE (to not send the budget back to the Executive) as Dean not bending to the will of the evil "Party Boss" (Woodman).

Browning's vote was contrary to almost every REPUBLICAN I've spoken to - even those who remain supportive of Dean.

When someone is that out of touch with - or will willingly ignore - such a large segment of Republican voters, something SHOULD be done by the Party chairperson. Especially so when that person's vote resulted in a tax hike going into effect.

If I blame Woodman for anything, it is his decision to remain PUBLICLY neutral and not use every means at his disposal (as Party Chair) to oust Browning.

michael molovinsky said...

patrick, as an independent non-partisan, i purposefully avoided the issue you mention, though i'm willing to host those particulars here. i will refrain from commenting on browning, but anybody opposed to the good ship cunningham, steers afoul of bernie, and perhaps chris.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

Sorry for the specifics on my first post.

I just read Chris Casey's post that you refer to, and I must admit I'm pretty disappointed.

Casey is entitled to his opinion on Browning, Cunningham, their tax hike, and anything else. But his post is full of half-truths, innuendo & blatant smears about Woodman.

I get that Chris doesn't agree with Republicans who won't vote like Democrats, but I thought that this type of post was beneath him. I was wrong.

Thank you MM, for bringing this to my attention.

michael molovinsky said...

patrick, no need to apologize about the budget specifics, they're welcome here, i just personally don't care to comment on them.

as for casey's post, i wrote this post with regret. i wanted to express my dismay with more than a comment, but didn't want to knock him off the most recent post on poliblog (i'm a member there also)
i suppose woodman has been controversial, but i also found chris's comments not germane to the political issues.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't O'Hare call Woodman dishonest? Despite Woodman's promise to stay out of the primary, he circulated petitions for his wife, Ott and Mazziotti.

You talk about O'Hare, but you defend every person he attacks and attack every person he defends.

Now you jump all over Casey, too. Out of one side of your mouth, he's a friend. Out of another, he's a cheap shot artist.

With friends like you ...

Jon Geeting said...

I think people just need to be clearer about what they expect the party organizations to do about primaries, and then formalize the rules. This happens too much on the Democratic side too.

Is the role of the County or State parties to remain neutral in primaries, to support incumbents, to make sure their party wins at all costs, or to support some kind of ideological agenda? If it's to support an agenda, I don't think that's unreasonable, but what are the rules that members can't break?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:30, chris may chime in later and prove me wrong, but i don't think he will find me two face. we had a conversation about some of these issues and knew we were not on the same page. although i didn't expect him to post, and he may not had expected me to counter-post, we respect the fact that we both speak our minds, and sign our names. that's more than you can say.

Anonymous said...

Struggle after struggle
Year after year
The atmosphere's a fine blend of ice
I'm almost stone cold dead

PS - the local citizenry know it better as the City With No Limits where no one but registered Democrats are welcome

Anonymous said...

Woody must be paying you off, mike. Am I correct????

Chris Casey said...

I stand by my post. I look at the situation overall. I respect Mike's right to disagree and see it through a different light.
Woodman has stepped into the political fray and he is fair game. He is either here for the whole battle or he is a backseat driver. His home ownership in Beverly Hills legitimately gives question as to where he really resides. Do Valley Republicans really want to take orders from a guy whose heart is on California?
We have enough people elected to office in PA who never show up for government meetings. What a great role model to have a party chair who hangs out on the other side of the country, not even the state!
And the Tea Party far right group that he represents has made no attempt to hide their disdain for non whites who don't speak perfect English.
One of their prime targets with the budget axe are programs that benefit minority groups. It's veiled, if not intentional racism. I call it for what it is. For all the moaning about Democrats pandering to the poor, Republicans reciprocate by using minorities as their whipping post.
I really hope that Republican policies as supported by these factiions drive Minorities in Allentown to get involved and vote this election cycle. That's where the power is, and God Help Republicans should minorities awaken and start seizing their political rights. Be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get it, but not the way you expect.
The Republican Party was once the party that championed individual rights for women and minorities. Wouldn't it be ironic if what the party has evolved into were to energize those they once championed and now look down upon into supporting the political opponents?

Anonymous said...

Personally have never been able to figure CC out. Haven't really made much of an effort, must admit.

Have never been able to get through one of his sophomoric articles either.

Incredibly boring and rarely to the point.

Of course he has to hate WW. Why not? Who else is left. Hasn't he worn out his hatefulness with the one who cannot be named?

Wayne I doubt worries much about disparaging remarks from CC.


PS - Get a new avatar dude!

Michael Donovan said...


A long time ago, I learned that it was very hard to be a "delegate" and a "trustee" when serving as an elected official.

Parties evolved as a method to gain power through coordination. A read of history always point to the rise of Andrew Jackson as a contrast to early American leaders who appear (at least seemingly so) as focused on ideals instead of politics.

I have found in my brief tenure as a politician that both the Democratic and Republican parties in the Valley (and even PA) do not really consider the public but instead its membes own political power. Often, I have found it very difficult to attempt rational analysis. I get push back that I'm suppose to ignore the other party or not critique my own, even at the expense of the residents.

While my cancer (under control, I hope) is an easy reason to say it is not worth pursuing another term, I will say that the frustation of party politics was a contributing factor, too.

I could not stay true to my methods of analysis and continue to hope to satisfy "the party."

I am liberal, deeply. I feel markets are imperfect. However, the markets have reasonable success when properly regulated. This makes me one of those god damn liberals who understand how the market works. An awkward position to be in. Even worse, I am one of those that says, "keep out of my own social decisions."

As I have always said, I respect investment, savings, and rate of return. I despise selfishness, power grabbing, and ignorance.

There is much of the Republican ideology I resent. There is some of the Democratic ideology I wish I could advise.

That makes for a very lonely political life, and I do not want any part of it.

Anonymous said...

That's great news.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss watching councilor Donovan on 69 News defending his blog's deeply liberal hate speech and libel.

Patrick McHenry said...

Mr. Donovan -

With all due respect, I don't think you have the experience to comment on the Republican Party in the Valley.

You've been here a relatively short time, you live in Allentown where the Republican Party presence is minimal, and you serve on a council that has been a Democrat majority (or all-Democrat) for quite some time.

Perhaps you are attributing your feelings about your own party to the Republican Party as well.

michael molovinsky said...

comment from anon 1:32 is appearing for the second time, after being deleted

comment from anon 2:15 links back to bill villa's blog,as did an earlier comment i deleted

i also deleted, unread, an email from bill villa

Anonymous said...

Time for another Tucson Pep Rally and another boring Civility lecture from "They Bring A Knife We Bring A Gun" Obama?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Carpetbaggers...

...will Mr. Casey be posting negatively about JON GEETING's Lehigh Valley "Independent" blog, which is not written locally but, rather, in New York City?

D in Democrat stands for 'disgusting','doubt it'...and, 'deal with it, sucker'.

Michael Donovan said...

Mr. McHenry:

I was a moderate Republican in Maine 20 years ago and left the party for the same reasons that I describe here.

I became an independent. Later, a friend was running for Congress and I joined the Democratic party to help him get elected, which happened. He was in Congress for several terms.

When I arrived in PA, I saw that independents do not get very far, and I also wanted to vote in primaries. In New England, and in particular, in Maine, independents can easily vote in a chosen primary. Not here.

Party politics used to rule Maine until the late 70s, when the party ticket vote was eliminated. Since then, the number of independents has grown and voter paticipation is very high.

So, I do understand the Republican party. Very well. It is the conservative wing with which I have trouble.

Oh, and as for the Democratic party, when I critized the Mayor, I was told by a senior member of the party that I should not do so. I said to that person, "I represent the city, not the party."

Best regards,


Patrick McHenry said...

Mr. Donovan -

You said:

"I have found in my brief tenure as a politician that both the Democratic and Republican parties in the Valley (and even PA) do not really consider the public but instead its membes own political power."


Please note the part of your statement that says "Democratic and Republican parties IN THE VALLEY" (emphasis added). That was what brought on my original comment to you - not that you don't have an understanding of the Republican Party in other states.

The words above are yours and not mine, so I'll stand by my first post on the subject.

Michael Donovan said...

Mr. McHenry:


Do you get the message, sir.

Want to know why the Valley lags behind the rest of the country or the world?

I would suggest its archaic political views.

Best regards,


Chris Casey said...

Michael -
McHenry can't even get American Patriot "Patrick Henry" straight, so you really can't take any thoughts from his vacuous black hole of a politically challenged mind seriously. We don't agree with him, therefore we are not worthy of being allowed to exist.
Sometimes I wonder if he's a Sock Puppet for he who I won't give recognition to, or just another deeply disturbed member of the Tea Party.
It doesn't really matter. Like I recently told Mike M, I don't hate any of them, I really pity them. 24/7 monitoring blogs for any speech that challenges them. What a sad way to live.

Patrick McHenry said...

Mr. Donovan -

Thank you for your revealing statement that "the Valley lags behind the rest of the country or the world?"

Unlike many of those who hold office in Allentown, I've been here long enough to remember that not-so-long-ago this wasn't the case.

Might I suggest that we are "lagging" as the result of progressive, liberal domination of local government in the Valley's major cities, and the policy those progressive liberal leaders have pursued.

You might be able to see that, were you not blinded by your progressive, liberal ideology.

Patrick McHenry said...

Chris -

Thank you for proving the old adage that "our liberal friends aren't ignorant - there's just so much that they don't know".

I am more than willing to engage in a debate of ideas with progressive liberals or anyone else, on any subject that interests me. I thought that's what the purpose of these blogs were - to exchange and debate IDEAS.

Which is why it bothers me so when the writers of these blogs use smears, lies and distortions to promote their agendas - such as your recent post on the upcoming Republican primary. Many times, there is a kernal of truth or a decent point embedded somewhere in those posts, but it is lost in the blatant misinformation that surrounds it. That is a shame, because it prevents all of us from discussing the real issue (when it exists) and finding a real solution - together.

So you see, I have no hatred of you - or anyone else - nor a belief that you shouldn't exist. But I'm happy to debate you and others in the arena of ideas and point out where your political philosophy is seriously flawed and leading you (and our country) in the wrong direction. Please note that pointing out the inaccuracies and distortions of progressive liberals (or anyone else) is NOT hate speech (as some progressive liberals claim).

As to my "pen" name, perhaps Patrick is my given name. And surely you know that the bombardment of Fort MCHENRY was the inspiration for our National Anthem (a.k.a. - "The Star-Spangled Banner). Or maybe my "pen name" is actually a slight change on "Patrick Henry", simply because another progressive liberal (Mr. Donovan) thought using "Patrick Henry" was too pretentious and just couldn't get over it.

So maybe, just maybe, in something as simple as a name - or as big as a group of ideas that you just can't understand yet - your narrow views limit you and you end up reaching some very wrong conclusions.

Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

"While my cancer (under control, I hope)" -Duped Dunce Dem Donovan

Sadly, I doubt that cancer Chris Casey will ever be cured. Just sayin'.

Monkey Mambo said...

The good news ...

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:36, hard to fantom somebody writing such a disdainful comment

Diane said...

Get real, Mike. Read these ...

michael molovinsky said...

diane, everything about you is disdainful, even the choice of names you comment under. as for the comments on donovan's blog, you may have well put them there yourself. you have told me in the past that you consider all tactics fair in your war. you continue to harass him, me and many others. hopefully some day you will be prosecuted for cyberstalking, it is well beyond due.

Lou said...


RuPaul said...

"as for the comments on donovan's blog, you may have well put them there yourself."

That's right, even the ones signed by Chris Casey.