Jan 1, 2011

Kicking Off New Year

molovinsky on allentown starts another year of commentary and advocacy on local issues. This core mission will continue to be interspersed by local history, reports from The Holy Land, and ringside exploits from the 1940's. So, whether you consider here to be   A Must Read,  or just Old and Cranky, welcome aboard!


Mark said...

You are appreciated more than you may believe!

Local said...

Happy New Year.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for your great blog.

gary ledebur said...

I was away from the writings of the "Tribune of the People." I am returning in order to proudly defend progressive liberalism. Happy New Year, MM!

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your blog.

Best in The New Year.

David Zimmerman

Looking To Escape said...

I am returning in order to proudly defend progressive liberalism.
You can be a progressive or you can be a liberal but you can't be both.
Happy New Year to all who frequent this board.

michael molovinsky said...

thanks to the above for their kind words, and comments during the year

Monkey Momma said...

Definitely a must read - I kinda like the "old and cranky" edge. Keep up the incredible work.

Anonymous said...

I second all the comments here, glad you're continuing Mike keep it up.

The Banker

Greg L said...

Happy New Year Mike and I look forward to continuing to read here.

gary ledebur said...

I love this blog. I am unmercilessly criticized and made fun of for being a "Progressive Liberal" and when I finally cop to it, I am assailed. MM, your friends must all be frustrated boxer. I always wondered why you cove the sweet sport of pugilism.