Dec 30, 2010

Free Houses for Christmas

No Virginia, there really are no free houses. When the previous owner was paid at settlement, somebody came up with real smackers. Now, I know you heard that because the mortgage was packaged and sold so many times, and the mortgage was being serviced by a collection agency, that there is no longer a real mortgagee; But there is my dear, real smackers were exchanged for that paper all along the trail. I know you heard the adult cry babies say that the mortgage servicers make more money forcing foreclosure than just doing their job. You know Virginia, they wouldn't have their business very long if that happen often. You can only cheat and sell your employer short so many times before he fires you. I know you heard that some man forgot to cross a T on the foreclosure form, but that still doesn't make the house free. No Virginia, too many people bought a house on a Yes We Can, and that house of cards collapsed. When you grow up we want you to be able to buy a house. It's important now that mommy and daddy give back the keys, and you all go live with grandma. That way dear, when you meet your Prince Charming, investors will once again be willing to come up with the smackers.


Anonymous said...

Attack Virginia when Santa made billions on her? First we don't give her good health care, give her an inferior education: her mother tries to support her at a minimum wage job with no benefits and her father gets laid off because some big shot ships his job to India. Her parents though they finally made it to the dream we all have, owning their own home. The forclosure was indeed Virginia's fault. Virginia, you should have foreseen this and chosen better parents. Most of us were smarter when we chose our parents. Stupid Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:02 :

Exactly how is dear Virginia under attack?

Exactly how did Santa Claus make billions on sweet Virginia?

I think you mean to say the bank made millions on little Virginia...but, again, how did the bank do that?

I think you mean to say the evil, greedy rich bankers robbed and stole from Virginia's PARENTS...


With all that is sincere, smoking crack first thing in the morning is not perhaps the most recommendable acitivity.

You can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Claus:

Santa was most generous with the rich bankers. Perhaps it was your influence. You are not a naive as your husband. You appreciate the complexity of the modern corporate economy and why it takes the smart men to run it, you know the one's who go to the fancy schools that we can only dream about. Virginia and her kind have no place in their world. Arnold Toynbee, not as famous as your husband, but then again he did not have the Macy boys behind him, said that the history of western civilization is "...the rich convincing the middle class to pay for the poor." You and Santa know the game well.

Anonymous said...

Nice little class warfare-inspired speech there, Progressive Liberal Sunshine.

However, in between accusing ME of influence-pedaling, probably on the advice of your corrupt union thug and community organizer buddies --- you ever so evasively failed to answer every single direct question, and rather poorly at that.

Again, exactly how did Santa "make billions"?

Can you offer tangible proof that will pass muster at your trial for slander?

P.S. --- You do realize that pretty much all colleges / universities give out scholarships for ACADEMIC excellence to poor and disadvantaged qualified candidates, don't you?

Who funds that sort of stuff?


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Claus:

Santa will be so disconsolate with such vitriol at the end of this challenging year. Yes Virginia is the cause of her homelessness. But do you really have to trash everyone?

To your credit I"ll bet you did not go to any of those snobbish schools for rich kids.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:02,

You are absolutely right. Santa would be very disheartened with all the hate at this time of year.

And, it is not so difficult for Santa, or anyone else for that matter, to see where all the vitriol is coming from and who it is directed at.

It is no accident you get a lump of coal in your stocking every year, Anon 10:02.

There IS always next year, but, as always, the results will be up to you. My adivce - try some personal responsibility and avoid accusing Mrs. Claus of influence peddling and stuff like that. Santa has this list he keeps, you see.

For the record, I went to an ultra Progressive Liberal university in New England...

Happy New Year and Kum Bye Yah!

Anonymous said...